Cable Ties on Totes

Does anyone know how we can expect to see the cable ties secured on the totes?

My team attached them through the holes on the edges of the tote lids (how we assume they will be set up at competition), but we weren’t terribly happy with it. We are concerned that pushing upside down totes around the field (while trying to stack them) might cause the ties to snap and the totes to break open. Any ideas?


Mackenzie Glaser
Robo Lions 1261

It appears that, unless removal of cable ties from totes is deemed strategic, your alliance will not receive any penalties, so that doesn’t need to be worried about. I don’t believe that this will be an issue, I’m sure that either the GDC or Competition Personnel will resolve this if it becomes an issue.

With cable ties at both ends of the crates and bins, I really don’t see any issues. Even if one breaks, there is still the other one that will keep the lid close/on.

Thank you guys for the help! I’m still interested to see if it will be an issue or not, but I guess even if it is, it won’t be terribly detrimental to anyone.

Mackenzie Glaser
Robo Lions 1261

One thing we found out is that if the totes are flipped over and pushed along the carpet surface those zip ties easily rip away leaving the tote vulnerable when flipped to open causing probs.

I haven’t looked back at photos from the live kickoff in Manchester, but we have found that the zip tie does not catch on the carpet anywhere near as much if the “lug” on the zip tie is rotated to be on the side of the tote, kind of between the lid(s) and the tote body. Once the “lug” is twisted around to the side, it stays there and remains out of the way for catching on things.

This is probably the case where a picture is worth a thousand words, but hopefully this makes some sense…

We have pushed totes upside down on the carpet probably 50 times now and haven’t broken a single tie so far. I agree that by movin the lid to the side of the tote we alleviate much of the problem.