CAD design challenge ideas

I’m trying to get some other people on my team to learn CAD and I was looking for some super simple design challenges to keep them learning and to challenge them week to week


Nut strips might be too simple but they’re pretty good for a super simple task.

Force them to make simple parts in as few sketches and features as possible. I’ve seen a 2.5D truss bridge side where each truss was its own extrusion with its own angled plane, instead of just a single sketch and extrusion.


Frisbee (and then when they finish it, they should 3D print it and throw it around as a group)

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When my team first learned CAD this year, we made a really simple wheel, a hex shaft, and a spacer.
I also found a puzzle tutorial made by one of our mentors. It wasn’t for Onshape, but I made it in Onshape anyways.
Chess sets are fun too, and there’s plenty of room for creativity.



Better be disinfecting it after each throw. Also following along with RAMP tutorials can be very helpful. Gives you an idea of how to design rather than just CAD.


When I learned CAD (Onshape), the first two basic things I was taught was a solid cube and a solid sphere. The sphere is surprisingly confusing the first time. having done CAD for 4 years now, I am still confused by the revolve function in Onshape because if you want 360 degrees of a sphere you put in 180??? I don’t know. If your team has some sort of convention for doing tabs or webbing or something, be sure they learn that in some way, shape, or form.

Make a cube with the side equal to the diameter of the ball you want to make. Then fillet each edge with the radius of the sphere you want to make (1/2 of the edge of the cube). Done

If you are using the revolve times make a sphere, you do 360 degrees when revolving a semicircle or 180 degrees when revolving a full circle (each semi circle of the sketch will do half of the circle).


Well I designed a challenge for my teamates while waiting for the CADathon.
Here is a brief rule summary: Rule Summary

This Game is played on a standard FRC field.
The main goal: Control as many Control Sections for as much time as possible.
The field is divided into 8 Control Sections, a Tube is placed at the middle of each Control Section. The Tube is divided into 2 sides, red and blue. A Control Section is considered Controlled once it’s filled with more Control Balls to the favor of one color than the other. Points are given for every 2 seconds the Control Section is under control of one alliance.

Hope you’ll find it interesting.

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I like the idea of a minibot.

Onshape seems to have some resources for educators. You might find these useful

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