CAD file format conversion (was: Need Some Help)


Yes I’m a newbie and want to absorb lots of info. I do need help tho. I have a sldprt file I need help turning into an IGES file. I am using a student addition software and it won’t allow me to save as. Is there any chance anyone can help with this if I were to email the file to you?
Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thank you,

Is there a converter website out there?

Sometimes it is possible to convert to a file type that both programs understand. Can you save as a DXF and open in another program that saves as IGES?

If you want, email the file here to me and I’ll convert it to iges for you.

There is a converter site and its called 3d content central. It offeres 30+ formats off of one file. MadTown’s Cad Library is starting to up parts to that site so it could offer more formats for users.


Sadly, Solidworks Student edition (the free one, which it sounds like he has) only supports .sldprt, .sldlfp, .prtdot, and edrawings. Which are all Solidworks formats. If you buy the student edition, then you get other export features like .iges, .step, …

Solidworks 2009 has a Collada export feature, if that does you any good. It’s a Solidworks Labs feature.

Students can download Autodesk Inventor for free 13-month license from
Inventor will read sldprt files and Save Copy As many file types including STEP and IGES.

For teams that have registered for Sponsorship at we have provided up to 5 SolidWorks 2009-2010 Student Editions(12 month license) and unlimited Student Design Kits (150day license)

With the Student Edition, you will be able to export in any of the supported file formats. Marie