Cad for a .375" hex sprocket

I can’t find a cad for a hex .375" sprocket. I don’t even know if one exists. Can you help me find one?

ANSI 25 and 35.

EDIT - Woops. Just saw the .375" bit. Your best bet is to take a 3/8" round hole and broach it to hex, or take a sprocket with the 6 hole mounting pattern and use this hub.

I’ve never seen a 3/8" hex bore sprocket, nor did I find one in a dozen web searches. I’m not really surprised, as the only 3/8" hex shafts I have seen have been on tools (e.g. drill bits) and intermediate gears in gearboxes, not on the output shafts. Most of the sprockets I have seen with less than 1/2" bore have been designed to fit directly on motor output shafts, and I have never noted a motor with a hex shaft.

If you want a 3/8" hex bore sprocket, the easiest route I can see is:

Purchase an AM-0278 or AM-0281, bore the hole out to 3/8", then use a 3/8" hex broach in an arbor press.

Edit: Sniped - and Cothron’s second solution is simpler than mine.