CAD - Gates Belts Sprockets

I am currently working on CADing the belt drive part of my chassis. However i cant find any CAD’s of Gates sprockets. I specifically need the 20 tooth Sprocket from gates. Can someone direct me to the right place?

THANKS :slight_smile:

What type? Pitch?


For modelling purposes, I’ve been using the pulley CAD models that you can get from SDP/SI’s catalog:

Click on the part number and then “3D CAD Models”.

I must admit, I do exactly the same. Their parts library is extraordinarily extensive. If you are not submitting your CAD under the requirement that everything is an original model, I see no reason as to why you might not use a CAD library.

In terms of effective design, it makes no sense to redraw a part that’s already good to go. That’s taking time from the truly important tasks that CAD is used to accomplish.

Last spring I ended up using the cad model from the B&B Manufacturing web page, which is also where we bought more from: which I found based on a search for the part number given in the KOP documentation or what was on the package we received the pulley in, can’t remember which anymore.

I’ve also switched over to using the models from the SDP/SI website for the stuff I’m playing with this fall, since they have a very good library. I have not found any difference between the models I got from the two sites. The SDP website requires you to drill down to what you want in their parametric selector, there is no way to search using a competitors part number. Also, the prices at SDP are a little higher, at least for the 20 groove pulley, than at B&B. I also noticed that size is out of stock at both websites tonight.