CAD Help needed. Mech Desktop 6 files backwards to AutoCAD 14? (2d files)

Is there any way to convert Mechanical Desktop 6 files back to AutoCAD r14?

I only put them in Mech Desktop 6 cause that was my main CAD system at the time, but now I only have access to AutoCAD 14.

I know I could probably use Mech Desktop 6 and convert all the files that way back to ACAD14 or even turn them all into dxf’s.

They are in Mech Desktop 6, but are not solid models. They are 2d drawings, and I put them in Mech Desktop 6 as well so they would all link together to a main assembly drawing. Parametric style.

Is there any quick downloadable (free) software that will just convert it back for me.

If not, I can go to school and attempt to do it there. I don’t know what version of MDT they have there though.