CAD in 3 Daysish

This year for whatever reason I decided to CAD an entire robot design in 3 Days but because I go to a college where classes start back up on Monday 1/6/2020 I really didn’t have enough time to completely finish my design. I plan to finish it soonish (school work permitting). But because this is the deadline I am turning in what I have.

Grab Cad:

The goals of this robot was to essentially do everything. It can go under the spinning table, climb, shoot in the high goal from multiple positions, and spin the table.

Robot Fully Compacted:

Intake Out:

Shooter Angled For High Goal:

Climber Fully Extended:

The Robot is Very Short:

I am happy to answer any questions anyone may have!

Things I need to Fix:

  1. No Lift Slide Brackets
  2. No Lift Pullys
  3. Chain and Belts are missing
  4. Hooks for Climbing are terrible
  5. Ball Storage / Feeder is Ugly and Terrible
  6. Probably Much more…

There is a lot of things I like about this design and a lot of things I hate mainly how many Versa-planetary Adapters I use. But I hope sharing this will help spark ideas in other teams!


Ah one thing I forgot to mention the Colson Wheel on the end of the climber is to allow the robot to slide while it is climbed and to spin the table.

I was told that I probably should have uploaded a STEP file because not many people have Inventor 2020.

STEP For entire robot: :

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