CAD joystick

Does anybody have or know where i can find a CAD of a joystick.
Preferably one that is similar to the kit joysticks but it does not have to be identical just similar concept.
Mainly same size base…:confused:

I might have one its no where near exact but it looks ok.

Uh i have a joystick but it excedes the forum limit for attachments soo if you know of any other way i can get it to you ill do that.

Its an Inventor file hope thats what you want.

Is it possible I can get something like that!

I would love to send you the joystick, the problem is that it is last years design, and i dont have a copy on my home computer. I may still have a copy at the school. If your still interested in the old controller, i can try and find it at our next meeting.

Okay we could really use your homemade Joystick in Inventor!!! If you could possibly get it to us you would be a life saver?!?!?!?!

It’s not a CAD joystick but this guy is selling 3d motion controllers on ebay for about $50.

There are joysticks in in SolidWorks and other file formats but not the same manufacturer. Now, time is of the essence. If you work with a college, they might have a scanner to borrow. For example you could use a NextEngine scanner and scan the data into SolidWorks to create the model. Marie

Thank you for the suggestions and I might use the scanner idea but I’m just freshman so I’ll try my hardest.

Great that you want to try this on your own.
Here are a few suggestions:
Sketch Picture - allows you to insert a jpeg image into the sketch an “trace” over it while you are creating a sketch

Free Form - The freeform feature modifies faces of surface or solid bodies. You can modify only one face at a time and the face must have four sides only with direct, interactive control of deformations by creating control curves and control points, then pushing and pulling the control points to modify the face. Use the triad to constrain the push or pull direction - this makes the model feel like you are working in clay.

Also - there is a Surface Tutorial in SolidWorks that steps you through creating a garden hose nozzle. The techniques of using surfaces an planes may also be helpful.


Okay those can be helpful. Can you explain more on the editing of the solid structure surfaces some more?? Hearing about that has really got me interested.

Oh yeah and adding on to my last post, is there a tutorial I could possibly take to learn how to do this better?? Much appreciated!! :smiley:

I can’t seem to find the sketchpicture function…can you tell me where it is??