CAD Live Stream at 8pm

I’m going to do a CAD livestream on YouTube tonight at 8pm EDT. I’m going to try my hand at designing a 3-stage telescoping arm using sheet metal construction techniques. CAD will be done in Autodesk Inventor 2020, but even if you use a different software package, I’ll be talking about design principles that apply to all teams.

The stream will be live on team 5413’s youtube channel in a few minutes:

Direct stream link:

I’ve never live streamed before so we’ll see how it goes, but I figured with many teams not being able to meet or work on robots, a bit of CAD training could help pass the time. Stellar Robotics has a series of CAD videos on our YouTube channel that you are welcome to check out as well!


The stream VOD is up:
The actual design work starts at 4:28 (I’ll try to trim down the video at some point).

I’ll be continuing this project tonight. I’m planning on doing 7pm - 9pm EDT.

This is where the project stands after the last stream:

Many thanks for doing this! There needs to be more FRC-specific CAD resources out there–especially at this current time!

Since this thread just popped to the top, it gave me an idea: something like the CADathons, but smaller in design scope, live streamed, and a speed competition. Something like the following:

Challenge: Design a mechanism to reach a height of 80 inches. The mechanism, in some configuration, must fit in a box that measures 12" by 30" by 40", with 40" being the “height.”
Time limit: 10 hours

  • Time taken: 0 - 10 points, based on the hour finished in
  • CAD Completeness: 0 - 10 points, based on how complete the design is (connecting plates, bolts, etc included? Well modeled? etc)
  • Some other categories? Something like prettiness, quality, originality
  • up to 5 extra points at the judges descretion
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I’m live!