CAD Model for Ubertube and Triangle Square Game Pieces

I created the Ubertube and Red Triangle, White Circle and Blue Square as SolidWorks models

I also posted them on so you can download them in ProE, Inventor,UG, Autocad and 30 other formats.

The game pieces are approximate based on the Official game document. But after looking at the photos I have some concerns. If they are not close enough, let me know the changes.

In SolidWorks you can modify the dimensions pretty easily. The closest material to the vinyl description of material is Polyvinyl chloride PVC (non rigid). If you enter .3mm with the unit after the dimension, SolidWorks will convert the value to inches.

If the mass of the tubes is off slightly, you can insert a new mass in the assembly under Tools, Mass Properties. You should also use this technique for imported geometry- weight the part and then insert the mass.


2011 FRC Logo Pieces.jpg

2011 FRC Logo Pieces.jpg

Thanks Marie!!