CAD Model of 2015 Field?

I was wondering if anyone is or will be making a CAD model of the 2015 field. I’m not sure what this would entail, but would appreciate if you could post any models or assemblies of the different game pieces that you may be making.

I think it would be very helpful to visualize different scoring methods and space restraints.

This was posted by Solidworks a couple minutes ago.

Cad picture of the game pieces if this helps.

Thanks, but my team uses Inventor, which isn’t compatible with these files. This is exactly what we need, however, just in the wrong format.

This thread should have what your looking for :slight_smile:

For SolidWorks Format - go to

For all other CAD Formats
The game pieces are on

Field will be up later this week. Marie

I did not see any electronics in this KoP. Will the new electronics (the RoboRio, Talon SRX, etc.) be available with SolidWorks Electrical enabled? We would like to use Solidwork’s wire routing feature this year, and these models will be very helpful to our team.

Thank you so much for all you do for FRC. We really appreciate all of the effort that went into the current kit of parts.

SolidWorks Field now posted at
Watch out for STEP files that have funky sheet metal parts.

Working on Electrical - will let you know shortly.

We are making the KOP models SolidWorks friendly. Will post updates every 24 hours with new components at Marie

This is exactly what I was looking for, thank you.

Go to Cheif Delphi CAD forums - Inventor for links to Field and KOP.