CAD Model of the 2018 Field?

Does anyone know where we can download a SolidWorks model (or neutral CAD file) of the Power Up field?

Thanks Mike! And thank you, Autodesk.

I downloaded the STEP file & saved as a Solidworks Assembly: Download Link
Google Drive will display the contents of the Zip file. Click the Download icon on the top right, then extract & open in SolidWorks (version 2016 or newer).

There are 2 configurations: “Arms Level” & “Arms Tilted”.
The Cubes are in the correct starting locations, but are not constrained.
When I saved the field as a single part, “exterior faces only” it lost some minor internal details, but I don’t think they were important.
I have not checked this CAD model for accuracy.

@kevin, it doesn’t work. just a ton of individual files

I think Google Drive tries to display it but can’t handle the file format. But you should still be able to download it, unzip and then open the assembly in SolidWorks.
Please let me know if you cannot.

Note: this complete field assembly consists of hundreds of individual part files and a few assemblies. See new link above. I reduced the part count to 4. :wink:

From just picking random parts from the list after downloading off of google, the individual parts are able to open just fine, however, any assemblies that I have tried will not open. Thanks for the share!

Sorry for the trouble. Please try the new download link above.

I reduced part count from 360+ to only 4.