CAD Models of Vex Parts


JVN just put a complete library of 3D CAD Vex-part models into the VexLabs repository at this URL (

Notice that this is not the Vex Cad library found by following the current CAD library links on the Vex Forums portal page.

Downloading all of the SolidWorks parts fills up about 150 MBytes of disk or memory stick.

The SolidWorks versions of the parts are not original/virgin sldprt formats. They are the result of making a round trip from sldprt to STEP to sldprt formats; so some non-visual details have been purposefully obscured by this process, but they should be fine for many/most uses by us folks who don’t need to actually manufacture the parts.

If anyone does need to have true SolidWorks sldprts, the models at the VexCAD site are very precise and accurate depictions of the parts in a format that is “easily” understood by anyone wishing to model their own sldprts from scratch (I might model a few things that way myslef, in order to simplfy some aspects of “mating” parts).

Enjoy! Thanks JVN!


Wow, this is amazing! I was just about to get out my calipers and start CADding models of the Vex parts I currently don’t have modeled (mostly sensors), but this has now saved me quite a bit of time. :smiley:

Kudos to JVN!