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Hi there, My name is Guy Pacha and im from Ninjas#4744 from Israel, Hadera
This year i got to experience the privilege of being the Head of CAD crew in my last year.
although that was my last year im still staying in the team but as a mentor.
i would love if your teams will send me your CAD’s so we can learn and improve from them.


118, 148, and 1678 all produce excellent robots and have released their CAD models from the past few years. They’re available from their websites. There are tons of other teams whose CAD is public, those are just three that come to mind.

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I am also the head of CAD on my team (340) I don’t know that I pride my team on being the absolute best at CAD but I find us to be very good. All of our parts are machined in house so the CAD plays a very prominent role in the success of our robot. This year, we will be posting the CAD for the first time in a long time if not the first time in program history. If that is something that you are interested in it will be on TBA at some point in the future so keep your eyes peeled.

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Our CAD is available through

We have released our native Solidworks models through GrabCAD since 2017. Links can be found on TBA.

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Ours is up on TBA, direct link is here:

People have mentioned TBA; it is a great resource for CAD these days. Use the Advanced Team Search (except 2018 and 2019 are currently broken for CAD search). Here’s a 2017 search for teams who have shared a CAD model:

For 2018 and 2019, use the following in a Google search: [blue alliance “1 cad model” 2019] or […2018]

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A good resource is the Grabcad community library. Lots of teams upload CADs there, and I like to go there to find some ideas for myself. Go to their website (, and simply look up “FRC” in the search bar. There, you’ll not only find completed robots, but also mechanisms (intakes, elevators, drive-trains, swerve modules, gearboxes), 3D-printable parts, electrical components, etc…

FRC 319 will continue the practice of posting our CAD through the build season.

You can find 2826’s CAD from last year on Onshape. Just like 319 you will be able to follow our 2020 build season on Onshape and future blog posts during the season.

2019 CAD

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I heavily recommend Spectrum’s CAD library hosted on GrabCAD. It has pretty much all of the COTS parts you need all on one place.

Speaking of GrabCAD, if you are using Solidworks for CAD; GrabCAD is an awesome tool for file management.

Finally, if you are looking for some good training videos/exercises, I recommend Vertanux1. I have had great success this summer/fall using his Solidworks series as an introduction for new CAD team members. In addition to the videos, he has a PDF guide and links to download every single exercise part.

Good luck!

668 has published our 2019 CAD here: Team 668 Apes of Wrath 2019 CAD Release

Here are links to the CAD page of a few team websites:


My team (Miscar 1574) have all of our recent bots over at grabcad