CAD of Dewalt w/ FP

As it seems that the CAD sub-forum does not see frequent use, I shall try posting my request here:

After much searching, I have been unable to find a CAD model of a Dewalt transmission that has a Fisher Price motor attached instead of a CIM. If anyone has said model, I would greatly appreciate it if you would share it with me/the rest of CD by uploading it somewhere. Thanks for your help!

I had a question, why do you need the model of the Dewalt with the FP in it? Cause truly if you look at a pic of the dewalt with the fp motor in it, it only stick out a tad.

The dewalt gearbox seems to mount the same with a FP or with a CIM. Just the depth of the motor changes things. So why don’t u take cad of the dewalt with the CIM and delete the CIM. Then make a block that accounts for the length of the FP and call it a day?

The most important feature to me would be the mounting style and overall length. You could even make a dummy model?


Yeah, in the case that no one does have the model, I’ve been working on something that is ‘good enough’ (though the transmission part had errors, so I decided to rebuild it from scratch). Just replacing the CIM with a Fisher Price should do the trick.

As for why I want the model, I just want to keep everything as close as I can to reality for already-constructed parts, instead of making substitutions. Personal preference I suppose.

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yeah, i have SW models of the dewalts without any motors that could serve your purposes. i wold like to mention that they are models of a discontinued model, and the newer model dewalts are much more of a pain to “mod” into usable transmissions. I suggest you try other avenues of gearing your FPs. andymark has several solutions that meet various needs. PM me and ill see about emailing or otherwise getting you that model

i think that somewhere in the monster cad files we have on CD records of all the past robots there is one somewhere, i shall look. i think we used them for aim high.

I have this one from a couple of years ago (40.3 KB) (40.3 KB)

After being able to get back in my team’s shop and check the dimensions on one of our FP Dewalts, I feel more comfortable with the model I approximated.
Thanks for posting what you had Jim. Don’t think I’ll use it, but thanks anyways.

As for the AM solutions, they don’t have the reductions that I want, as these would be for turning crab modules.