CAD of FTC "Block Party" Field?

I’m hoping this is the right forum for this (I suppose it’s a little fuzzy as it is also an FTC question), but if it needs to be moved, no big deal.

Is there an official CAD model of the FTC field released? If not, will there be? Does anyone know the answers to these questions?

If not, I may have to do it myself…

Here’s a STEP version of the field model used in the FTC Block Party Robot Virtual World. It’s not perfect: it was originally developed for the game, so it imports as a Surface feature, and the dimensions aren’t exactly right (about +/- 1 inch). It might be enough to get you started, though.

In the past, PTC has released CAD versions of the FTC field. Not sure when or if this will be available this year.


FTC Block Party (1.02 MB)

FTC Block Party (1.02 MB)

Thank you! I hope PTC will make a version of the field available this year as they have in the past-- that said, if I was looking for that, it may have been a good idea to post in the PTC section of the forums…