Cad Programs 2019

I am wondering how I can get inventor installed on our new computers this year from FIRST. From what I have seen, you must Login to Autodesk in order to get the installer for the free CAD programs. Does FIRST provide a login to use to access said installer? If no, how do I get it?

As far as I’m aware, registering as a student or educator on the Autodesk website is the only way to get Inventor for free. FIRST doesn’t give any sort of code to install it.

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In order to download inventor you must create a student profile. After creating the student profile/ account you can download any autodesk products you may need.

Ok Thanks. I had heard Autodesk provided it specifically for FIRST, but I must have heard wrong.

You can go to First Robotics Design Competition | Autodesk to find all of the information you need. As others have mentioned, any student can get Inventor for free but this page will have everything you need to know.

Virtual Kit of Parts webpage

Autodesk is investing a lot towards making Fusion 360 its flagship CAD tool. I attended a few Autodesk workshops during the off-season and they do not hide that market strategy, The fact that getting Inventor has become a little bit more cumbersome this year is indicative of that, IMHO.