CAD programs for Macs - Suggestions, anyone?

My team uses Solidworks as our CAD program. I’m the CAD guy so in my personal opinion, using Solidworks is hard work but if you can get efficient, it is extremely helpful. However, Solidworks is only for Windows so I recommend getting funds together and getting one or two CAD laptops with a decent Windows OS. 8 gig of RAM is extremely necessary although if you have a SSD then 4 gig can work but it will be slow with large assemblies. And if you choose Solidworks, do not solely rely on the tutorials. They aren’t that helpful and it teaches you ways to do things that are quite inefficient. There are dozens of ways to do anything in Solidworks and some ways are faster but unreliable in some situations while some are slower but always reliable. Try to find a balance between the two. Good luck!