CAD Robot/Field Simulation


Last Season we created our robot on CAD using SolidWorks and were able to mate our mechanisms in a way which allowed us to move the different mechanisms manually. I know that I have seen teams use their CADed robot on a field simulation to kind of play around with it and see how it functions on the actual field model. I know that I have seen this quite a lot in FTC and VEX. How do you achieve this? Is there a special software for this? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Autodesk Synthesis is one option, I think it’s made by interns at Autodesk. I’ve never sat down and tried to get it to work but that’s one option.

It looks like this team built theirs from the ground up in Unity:


I’ve been wondering if the simulator part of this could be adapted to FRC: . It would probably be a lot of work even to get game and field models adapted, but teams could collaborate.
(disclaimer: I work at nvidia, but not on this stuff)


The way i did it for team 3667 is using blender and rendering out our robot. this isnt interactable, but looks very good from a visual standpoint. i exported all the files from solidworks as a stl and gave everything materials, so it took a while, but turned out looking pretty darn good if you ask me. here is a link to it. i can explain more if you want me to.


Solidworks has way for you to simulate movement too.


Look into using ROS or something similar. ROS is excellent for this kind of stuff and has many useful toolkits, however it is a pain to get working so we haven’t played with it too much. Team 900 has their robot using ROS so they are way more qualified to answer your question than I am.