CAD storage/cloud solution

Ok, so currently my team does our cad in solidworks and earlier this year we were using github to store our files on the cloud but that sorta stopped working( I mean it wasnt exactly built for storing cad files:) So now we are looking to find a new platform. our requirements are as follows: needs to have a desktop component so we can import things directly into our assemblies, reliable uploading and syncing with the cloud so we can work on cad while not at school, some way so that we dont overwrite things accidentaly(this may be us just creating copies but I’m not sure-this is the first time I’v ever done this type of thing, and obviously be able to hande the file sizes and types associated with cad. I found one called egnyte and im downloading it now, also one called kenesto which I’ve barely looked into. What are you guys using currently and how well does it work for you?

GrabCAD Workbench does everything you need, is built specifically for CAD, and works wonderfully. I’ve used it on my teams the past 3 seasons.

ok thanks, Ill check it out

hmm I’m not sure If I like the way the uploading works. The desktop folder is tied to an app instead of being freestanding and uploading automatically. is there any way to get around this?

If it uploads automatically, version control isn’t as clean.

The process of uploading a bunch of parts is clean and easy, and can be done when you save in SW.

You really would prefer that way versus google drive, dropbox, etc… where version control is a real pain once multiple users have written the same file.

ok I guess I’ll give it a chance lol :slight_smile: I still dont see how this would be easier than having just one folder in one location on my desktop, but time will tell. How do you do it through SW?

There is a SW extension that you can download that adds a GrabCAD toolbar.

I can not speak highly enough of GrabCAD. One thing I particularly like is the locking feature, where you can lock a file you are working on so any other computers must open it in read-only mode. That eliminates the common mistake of two people making modifications on the same part and then someone has to go back and manually merge the changes.

Our team has just swapped to solidworks this year and with that we decided to give grabcad a chance and it is so much better than Windchill was. Any team looking into source control definitely give Grabcad a look.