CAD to 3d studio max

I know there are plenty of ways to import Inverntor files into 3d studio, but what I’m trying to find out is how to import CAD files into 3d studio. I tried to export a file from CAD as a “.3ds” but when I imported into 3d studio, all I got was a camera.
Please let me know if you know how to fix this. Thanks!

i cant help u there. thats the only way i learned to do it. open ur file in CAD (or mechanical desktop) go under file/export then just change the file to .3ds and save it. then open it with 3d studio. thats all i know.

If you are using 3ds 5.5 and up, then just import the .dwg file directly into 3d studio just as you would the 3ds. Look under the ‘file types’ portion when choosing a file and ‘.dwg’ will be in the list. Make sure that everything has its own seperate layer because 3d studio max will automatically convert each layer to an individual object.

Hope this helps…

PS. Wait and set up the view in 3d studio, the camera control is much better