CADathon 2015 Challenge

The humans don’t fall under robot rules. They’re still drive team, the rules just didn’t say drive team can’t enter the field. :stuck_out_tongue:

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My team decided to do two full court shooters and a defender, but when we noticed that only three balls were allowed on the field we needed a defender that could score. I didn’t really want to make a shooter, so instead I made a puncher.
Sorry its a little big.

I’m also on Daniels team and I made the defender

Simple but works at 60" tall it will block pretty much every bot.


I wouldn’t say that the event was a total failure, but obviously there were some holes that affected the experience.

First, here’s a list that went right:

  • For many people, this became a learning experience, as they had to make something in a limited amount of time, and it also pushed themselves to make things they never did before, for instance I was really surprised by asid61’s render of all three bots
  • The event was also an opportunity to connect with people from different teams.

Now things that went wrong:

  • The “game manual”… well… it had a lot of missing elements. So much that you don’t even need robots to win. There were also a lot of things unclear about the game
  • Naming conventions: My group had a parts number, but with file paths, the folder name had to be the same for all members, and that was an issue for a bit
  • The game didn’t have a low goal option
  • Software conflicts wasn’t a problem as much, but there was one group where they had the same software, but different versions, and that could’ve been fixed very easily.

Despite these things, I still plan to do another one of these during the summer, and I have a few ideas in mind that could make this better:

  • Not designing the challenge alone
  • Make it a multi-day event, so that there’s more time to elaborate on some parts, and so that in case someone can’t make it on one day, there’s always the following day.
  • Make a better game :smiley: . Perhaps even start now in designing a game

Thank you to everyone for participating, and let’s hope to make the next one better!