CADathon Team 345’s InspireNC #4 CADathon Robot Submission: MISTER MINUTES

CADathon Team 345: The Meme Team, is proud to present our newest robot, Mister Minutes!

We are unsure what our rank in the 4th InspireNC Full Robot CADathon is at this time due to results being unreleased as of yet. Additionally we STILL went above and beyond for this event. With an all-time high team participation of 5 members from 1902, we:

  • Submitted a very high-detail CAD model including wires and decals and nearly every fastener including spacers, rivets, threads, nuts, and bolts. Heck, we even included STAPLES in our bumpers! :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Entire spreadsheets explaining our Strategic Design decisions and Strategy Calculations (including a way of predicting real world cycle times)
  • A Fabrication sheet for every part w/ what stock is used to create it, what machines, and how many operations
  • And a Robot Tracking sheet for tracking what motors drew what amperage w/ ratios, PDP, PCM, and Manifold assignments (which do correlate to the correctly CADed wires)

More information about our robot can be found in the documents below, thanks for reading! :slight_smile:
Tech Binder:
Strategy Sheet:
Strategic Calculations:
Robot Tracking:
Fabrication Sheet:


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