CADathon Team 554 (FRC 4272) Presents: Georgia

To my knowledge, this is our first CADathon. Yes, I am fully aware that part of the weight holder runs into a NEO. That was a result of last-minute scrambling to get done.
We named our robot Georgia, and we were very excited to be able to participate and strengthen our CAD skills. Feel free to offer constructive criticism. We’re hoping to compete again next CADathon.
Onshape link



Always happy to see new CADathon participants-- good luck with future events!

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are you using mecanums as the shooter wheels to get spin on the football
not sure I would trust them at a high rpm… or to put a good spin on the ball
if you want to get a spin on a football angled wheels are the best
but other than that great job :smiley:

Yes, we’re using them as shooter wheels for spin.
Thanks for the suggestion!

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