CADathon Team Tendymen 479 - Design Release

Firstly, now that I have competed my last CADathon as a FRC student I would like to thank all the organizers, GDC, and judges of F4, InspireNC, and ChezyCad who have made these CADathons possible.

I’m proud to present most of Team 479’s CADathon entries:

F4 CADathon 10: 2nd Place CAD|Renders|Documentation.

F4 CADathon 9: 18th Place CAD|Renders|Documentation

F4 CADathon Spring Special: 5th Place CAD|Renders|Documentation

F4 CADathon 8: 4th Place CAD|Renders|Docummentation

InspireNC CADathon 2: 5th Place CAD|Renders|Documentation

Special thanks to all current and past members of Team Tendymen for working with me :heart: @pchild @jackoleary @Electronica1 @rkap51 @LightSpeedIII


16th place actually. I still maintain that this robot was robbed but hey I guess "hoop stress" :man_facepalming:

Some personal favorite parts of this robot: