CADathons in Nov 2020?

Hello everybody! I am on the electrical team on my team but since COVID-19 is a thing so I have been learning CAD. Is there any (preferably single mechanism) CADathons coming up this month? I have signed up for the Chezy CADathon (not judging tho lol). So if any of you know of any competitions earlier than then let me know! Thanks.


there’s inspire NC, they have a single mech competition.
thought I recommend getting a friend or two and doing a full bot. it’s much more fun in my opinon.


Not a CADathon, but if you’re looking for new FRC games to design robots for, I’ve got something in the oven that should be coming out soon.


The WRRF will be hosting a CADathon in December. If you’re interested, join the discord here:

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Yep, InspireNC CAD Challenge is a great way to practice CAD and we are hosting it right around the Thanksgiving weekend based on popular opinion. We are offering both a full robot and a mechanism style competition so teams get to choose which style suits them best. In the end, we rank robots, give out prizes, and provide technical feedback from Judges!

Check out our post here:

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