caffeine calculator

Death by Caffeine :slight_smile:

It would take 148.45 cans of Mountain Dew to kill you.

So drinking a 12 pack of MD in one night is fine. . . :smiley:

Brad- I think that you’ll be fine.

So- is that the amount of soda that you have to drink before you explode or something? Or is it the weight of that much soda’s that would crush you?

I know it says that it is the caffeine that would kill you, but I doubt that caffeine would really kill a person.

sure it will, your heart will just beat so fast it burns itself out (think fp motor… only w/o the smell :p)

I know i have drank more than 150 cans of md in the build season alone, so im guessing that you would have to slam 150 cans one after the other? You would get sick and or pass out long before you reach 150 cans.

it says i need 210.76 sunkist to die im glad i was only at 210 when i saw this post! :ahh:

The LD50 (average lethal dose) of caffeine is 192mg/kg. Anywhere between 1 and 4 grams of pure caffeine can kill a human, so your pretty safe when drinking caffeine drinks but when you start getting into caffeine pills and stuff to keep you awake… then it gets dangerous.

I’m glad to hear it would take 480 cans of Coca Cola Classic to kill me. So, I pretty much never have to worry because it would probably take me over 3 months to drink that many.

I do assume that the “cans to kill” number is referring to a relatively short period right? (like <48 hrs)

Also, I saw one thing where this guy drank like 4 gallons of water in like 1hr and he went into a coma. Even too much of the ingredient that is essential for life can easily end your life.

EDIT: Hrrm, according to the calculator Pepsi is more “lethal” than Coke. Interesting.

i know roughly how much Sanddrag weighs!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I knew someone would say that. Just don’t make any stupid comments or I may have to come sit on you :smiley:

it will take 265 cans of pepsi to kill me. LOL. pepsi #1…Pepsi #2…

It would take 235.65 cans of Dr Pepper to kill you.

Phew Guess I’m safe.

I wish they had Bawls on that list, though. I’d like to know how much of that I can safely take, considering that I’m pretty sure my friends and I have approached dangerous levels once or twice… (4 bottles at one day-long LAN party)

you get nestea over there?
kool lol… only ever had the peach one in france… we get mango lipton but the best is rasberry (anyone wanna send me some lol)

It would take 1190.7 cans of Nestea Raspberry Iced Tea to kill you.

They don’t list Bawls or any other energy drink on it. :mad:

ever heard of caffiene soap. i couldn’t stop laughing when my friend bought some. i wonder how many showers it would take to kill you?

that would be it. :rolleyes:

Oh man they don’t have Starbucks Double Shot Espresso. But at least I now know I must consume 310 cans of my favorite variety of cola to kill myself.

Mike, I dont know about you, but I think the smell of decomposing flesh would be a lot worse of a smell… :rolleyes:

From expierence…6 cans of amp in a few hours is very bad idea…although I did pull a 42 hr day with no problem. :stuck_out_tongue:

It wont start decomposing enough to be detectable by smell for a while :smiley: