CAGE Match 2014

4485 - Danville, IN We are also a Cage Match legacy team.

1529 - Indianapolis, IN
1646 - Lafayette, IN
1024 - Indianapolis, IN
1747 - West Lafayette, IN
2171 - Crown Point, IN
1741 - Greenwood, IN
3937 - Searcy, AR
1018 - Indianapolis, IN
1720 - Muncie, IN
20150041* - Bedford, IN
4272 - Lafayette, IN
3494* - Bloomington, IN
1501 - Huntington, IN
3947* - Knightstown, IN
829 - Indianapolis, IN
5188 - Terre Haute, IN
45 - Kokomo, IN
447 - Anderson, IN
461 - West Lafayette, IN
4926* - Columbus, IN
5010* - Fishers, IN
868 - Carmel, IN
234 - Indianapolis, IN
292 - Russiaville, IN
4485* - Danville, IN
20150042* - Walton, IN
3940* - Kokomo, IN
3176* - Brownsburg, IN

28 teams, which leaves 3** remaining spots.

*CAGE Match Legacy Team
**There might be one more pre-rookie joining the event

We still have those 3-4 open slots for CAGE! This isn’t limited to Indiana teams. Anyone is welcome!

Registration has closed for the 2014 edition of the CAGE Match. We currently have 28 of 32 slots filled. We would like to invite anybody that is interested to bring a second robot to enter into the event to fill out the full field of 32 teams. Teams wishing to bring two robots to the event need to make sure each set is complete – if your two robots happen to be playing in the same match, they can’t share any mechanical, electrical, or communications components (or drive team members). We will offer the discounted price of $150 for these additional teams. Please contact Brett to register additional teams.

Other items of note:
*Make sure your graduating seniors apply for the Art Anderson Memorial Scholarship. Applications are due October 3rd.

*The Scholarship is financed by the Silent Auction. Make sure you bring team swag, cool items, anything you’ve got to auction off to support the scholarship. Each year we’re able to award at least $1,000; let’s keep this tradition rolling.

*Food will be similar to last year; we will offer breakfast items, drinks, and snacks in the concession stand, and five food trucks will be on site to offer entrées. We welcome and thank Taste of the Caribbean, Pierogi Love Indy, Nacho Mama’s, EMT Food Truck, and Johnson’s BBQ Shack for their support. These fine folks are donating a portion of their proceeds back to the event.

*We are still in need of volunteers! Key positions include referees, field reset, and queuers. There are no age or experience restrictions for volunteers; sign up ASAP!

*We are offering judged awards this year. You can peruse the options on our Awards page. If you have any sponsors, partners, administrators – anybody you think would benefit as serving as a judge, please contact our Judge Advisor Kirk Wheeler (PM me for his contact info) now!

We are still in need of volunteers for this event! If you are interested, please sign up here:

We are most in needs of referees.
You do NOT need experience to ref this event.
We will be using the IRI rules, so it will be less intense than regular season.


What would be involved in getting trained as a ref for this? I haven’t done it before but want to learn and help out if I can.

You just wave a red/blue flag and point :smiley:
If I can be trained, anyone can. You really just need to know the rules.

Show up early (i.e. Friday afternoon) and look for head referee Logan Byers.

Reffing is the best seat in the house and the CAGE match is the best place to get a feel for it. It is a totally laid back event designed to give new people time behind the glass and time to experience other new things like volunteering.

As a side benefit the Saturday lunch for volunteers is provided by the Goat moms. The chilli is enough reason in itself to volunteer.

Made this a family event, younger son doing field reset, wife taking a shot at referee, older son driving, me trying to keep it all together. Just have to get that robot ready first :rolleyes:

Well, that was fun.
Congratulations to the winning alliance of 1024, 1646, 1741, and 5402. You put on a great show for the biggest CAGE Match crowd we’ve ever seen.

Time for thank-yous:
45, 234, 1741 - You are all great friends and we are very appreciative of you giving your Friday afternoon to help us set up the event.

829 - The volunteer lunch was fantastic as usual, as well as all the other support you provided as cohosts.

234, 3494 - Because of your hard work, two great pre-rookies got to experience FRC behind the glass. Thank you for graciously providing robots and guidance to these rising stars.

461 - Your team continues to be a pillar of the community, leading the charge with nearly 2,000 items donated to the Ronald McDonald House of Indiana.

2451 - Thank you for loaning us your mentor (and FRC blogger!) Kelsey Draus - her aid and input were fantastic.

Kirk Wheeler - As a first time Chief Judge, you did a splendid job of using seasoned veteran judges with brand new professionals you found to expand the FRC community and get these newbies hooked.

Every participating team had a significant role - providing volunteers, excellent discussions at the Roundtable meetings, donating to the Silent Auction, or giving the crowd a spectacle on the field. We on the planning committee are proud to be able to show off what you wonderful teams can do.

As I tweeted earlier, I am proud of the work my #FriendsWithRobots provided to put on this event, and I am proud to be able to call you my friends.

On behalf of Team 3937, I would like to send a huge thank you out to the CAGE match planning committee, volunteers and participating teams. It was great to have the state of IN welcome us to the competition. We are from a state that is trying to grow FIRST and IN is definitely a state to emulate in that regard. It was outstanding to be working with some of the legendary teams for IN. I got a chance to talk with a lot of great mentors and students. Thanks to our alliance in the elims. We fought hard and even when we got that detrimental damage to our arm internals, our alliance continued to battle to the end. What a show, the crowd was great and the atmosphere was superb! Way to go and hope we can join you guys again next year!

Thanks to all for a wonderful event, not just for the teams, but also for the volunteers such as myself, my mother, and my fiancee. I now have a new found liking for the role of a scorekeeper, thanks for the chance to try it out (and for the excellent training from all involved).

Looking forward to the next one already.