Calculating backdrive gear ratio needed

Brake mode works as long as the robot is powered on, even if it’s disabled after the match end.

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Sorry I guess there was a misunderstanding. By electricity being cut I thought the original author meant power off not disabling. My bad.

Yep, not sure if they need it to come down though so it could work

OK, I would not get any difference exactly at zero speed. I put my little demo robot* on a 34" long ramp and the angle where static friction broke was the same (~8.5" rise, ~14°) whether the motors were shorted or not.

When I reduced the slope to 10° (6" rise) and gave it a manual push at about 8-10 ips, the robot ground to a halt when shorted, but continued rolling when open.

There does appear to be a minimal benefit of putting the motors in brake mode. They won’t provide any more holding force at static friction, but perhaps they can help get you to the static state more than coast mode will.

* I did not install a battery. I did brake or coast mode by physically connecting the motor leads together or not.

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