Calculating bevel gears

When doing cad how do you find the right dimensions so that everything lines up. I’ve never actually used bevel gears but I saw an interesting concept I would love to use.

To clarify. How am I supposed to get the proper center to center for bevel gears so that they mesh properly?

Generally (in the ones I’ve seen), you can find a set of bevel gears that have specs that go with them, usually including center distance. I believe VEX bevel gears include that, and I know many other brands do this as well.

For example:

Thank you, what about the height of the gears?

They should give you the mounting distance for each gear. In the McMaster picture above, the gears are 1:1 so they don’t specifically list two different mounting distances because they would be the same. But the axis of the gear on the right should be one “mounting distance” above the plane of the bottom of the gear on the left.

Precisely machining holes for bearings for the shafts that gears ride on can be tough because they are in perpendicular planes. If the gears are too close in either direction they will bind up pretty easily. So you may want to add an extra thousandth of an inch or two to give yourself a little room to work with. You’ll introduce a little more backlash but it will be worth it instead of binding if your machining isn’t perfect.


That, and you can always add some thin spacers or shims to remove the backlash if need be.

But yeah, I would recommend leaving a tiny bit more room than it looks like you will need, use some spacers to fill in the extra space afterwards. It is always easier to fill space than remove material after the fact.

Also, what is it that you are trying to design? I am just curious.

Saw a collector that was running both the horizontal and verticals rollers with one driveshaft

Ah. In that case, it would probably be acceptable to have a bit of backlash in the system. You should totally make a post about the design once you make some progress. I am quite interested.

Might as well

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