Calculating Wheel RPM through a Gear Box

We have a three CIM ball shifter. I don’t know much about gear ratios besides doing basic calculations of them, so how would you go about calculating the wheel rpm going through a gear box? The CIM Motors have a base rpm of 5330, and it goes through the gear ratios of 12:50, 50:34, 20:64, 1:1. Thanks for the help!

Gearing reduces speed by the ratio amount. So if you have a total 6:1 reduction, the output speed is 1/6th of the input speed.
To calculate your total reduction, multiply each stage together.
12/50 * 50/34 * 20/64 * 1/1 = 0.11, which means a roughly 9:1 reduction. So the speed of your wheels would be 5330 / 9 = 592 RPM.

You can also use tools like my design spreadsheet and JVN DesignCalc that help you do gearing calculations and other useful tools.


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