Calendar and Countdown enhancements

As part of a larger project that is still in the works, I’ve moved the countdown from its own page into a new CD-Event system I’m working on. (That link will probably not be worth clicking, since the system is very early in development). So, if your event magically disappeared from the countdown, make sure it’s added in the calendar and then send me a PM to get it added back into the countdown.

Right now, the countdown dates were added in to start at Noon (until I figure out why things were being weird, when imported at midnight), so the ‘minutes’ part of the countdown may be slightly off, temporarily.

So you can get to a list of all events in the calendar here: /event/list and
you can get to the countdown list by the ‘more’ link up top or alternatively /event/countdown.

Special thanks to jessjank. and Katie Reynolds for compiling a huge spreadsheet of all past events, and their dates. If you see one that needs to be added (or edited) please do so.


Even for a beta, the pages are looking pretty good. (Ever wonder when the 1998 Great Lakes Regional or the 1992 competition happened? It’s on there.)

I can’t wait to see what could possibly be coming next.

A little preview:
– Want to know who was there? (as in … your fellow CD members)
– Want to know who is going to be at future events?
– Want direct links to CD-Media items for that event? (via event related tags)
– and more …

– What teams were there (or will be there)?
– Who won what awards there?
– Other stats based on all this data.

I got a tiny bit of aligned free time and motivation tonight, so I worked on some of the CD-Events features I talked about above.

You can go and mark your attendance at past and future events. You can also see what teams attended an event, as well. The team attendance data is just random stuff I put in when testing, so if your team isn’t listed, please wait until I ask for corrections until you start reporting it.

The layout and everything else WILL change (a little), so don’t freak out if you don’t like how something looks or if it’s missing data, etc.

As always, report any comments, suggestions, or problems you may experience.

Maybe since

could we possibly get a link to the events official site?

That falls under the missing data clause of: “don’t freak out if you don’t like how something looks or if it’s missing data, etc.”

It’s far from complete.

… and if you do, they’ll show up under your signature – look below, and you can see I’m going to the IRI.

There is an option in your usercp to turn them off if you don’t care to see where people are attending.

This may move … but right now, that seemed like a good place. It’ll only show the future events … and 150 characters of them (then it chops them).

As always … suggestions, improvements, etc.

Awesome! Thanks Brandon!
I just have to say that I love the “not quite yet” pop-up!

Hooray for Brandon who works incredibly ast seeing as this took him about 20 minutes to do…Yay, this is actually really cool :smiley:

Umm, are unable to see our own ‘attendings’ because mine don’t appear for me.

EDIT: Duh, ok just click the “change it” next to you weren’t there. But now nothing is showing, unless it only showes if you’re attending something up yet. Doesn’t say anything about I attended. /EDIT

I must have missed something reading in here, but how do you add your name to addtending an event, or the event to your name?


You see other people’s but not your own?

Yeah, this will only show future events that you are planning on attending.

It has since appeared. Maybe it just took a bit to propogate or something?

OH! Duh. I forgot to mention that the text that shows updates hourly*, so I don’t have to look up and generate it on the fly … causing unnecessary load on the thread viewing pages.

Eventually, I’ll probably have it update per-user when you click ‘change it’ and add/remove yourself from an event.

  • It updates on the 38 minute mark. (Hey, you can only do so much on the 47 minute mark … )

EDIT: It updates on the fly now, as you change your attendance.

Wow I just saw for the first time my signature with this whole attending stuff - I have to say I’m pretty excited (you rock my rox brandon martus)
I’ve got a question though - When you click on the attending link it takes you to the CD Events page… is it possible/likely/in the works to have it direct to the specific event?

Yes, those will be links to the events. I think I’ll do that now, actually.

I grabbed a lot of data off FIRSTs website for what teams attended what events, and what awards they won, etc. I have yet to load it all into CD-Events, yet. I did, however, import all of the who-competed-where information. So, two things:

  1. Off-Season competitions. I need to know who competed at them.
  2. Your team. Check out the attendance record and let me know if its right/wrong. Eventually, there will be a page (per team, and per user) that will list what events you (or your team) attended.

For Off-Seasons … it’d be awesome if the team(s) putting them on could get me all of the info at once, rather than a few trickling in here & there. I prefer CSV or Excel, but will take anything.


I just looked up Palmetto 2006; it seems that the teams get lopped off after 1251, which makes for only 26 teams out of 48 teams that were there. Link:

It seems that VCU has the same problems in both '05 and '06.