CalGames 2007 full with 30 teams!

Latest information of the CalGames Planning Process with the list of teams and awards.

Are you sure 254 isn’t on that list? It would be the first time in years they didn’t come to CalGames…

I was thinking the same thing…

still some good teams there though.

It should be fun! We’re currently having meetings to tune up the bot after a good amount of off-time. (basically repairing the arm (we kinda broke it…), replacing tread, and so on)

I’m really looking forward to CalGames!

I believe I speak for all of 675 when I say we’re going to be excited to be there, as it’s our first year attending CalGames. I can’t wait to Rack n’ Roll with you all.

-Mike Baker of 675

This is correct.

By a mistake in communication/oversight we signed up but did not submit payment in time.

Oh, sweet! 675 will be there! Maybe we can have a remake of Davis, only with us winning this time? Rack on!

I would totally love that.

Shame that winning at CalGames doesn’t get you to Atlanta :wink: but hey, we’ll feel accomplished and surely have a great time so it’s all good.

The CalGames is full with 30 teams and there are several teams
that are wait listed in case one of the registered teams drops out
during the next few weeks. We increased the size of the event from
24 to 30 teams this year. In spite of this demand exceeded supply.

I would like to note that teams that are not competing in the event
still have ample opportunity to be involved by volunteering at the event.
Ken Leung’s volunteer chart is available in the google document linked
to in the first post of this thread. We need help on every front.

So, come on out and volunteer for the event. Wear your team shirts
and get noticed as an essential part of the community.

President of the WRRF

Yea it should be a blast
Hopefully we can more success
then at Davis and SVR but it will
still be a wonderful experience i have heard
good things cant wait to you all again

675’s bot is always hungry lol

i am stoked been waiting for this event for a while. we have a lot planned for this event like training a new drive and getting pit team trained while also getting the new members to feel the rush of first.

Brian Melani


For those who don’t know – If you see a lot of new faces in 675’s pits, they’re not intruders, merely new members. Our team leader’s plan was to have a few core members go (I’m thinking that means me, brian, blake, richter & connor, but I could be wrong), and then fill the other spots with new members.

I really can’t wait for CalGames, though. It’s going to be nice to get back into the groove of robotics BEFORE Build season so that when build does roll around I won’t be as overwhelmed.

Why not just let everyone go…? The team is much more important to each individual than you think…

I’m sure there’s some reason behind not letting everybody go. It’s just kinda how our team works. We never have every member at every competition. (I really kinda wish we did, though, it would be so much better that way). I think it’s because the team pays for most of the travel and all of the lodging. We fundraise enough to do that.

Perhaps I’ll bring it up with our team leader that they can pay for whoever can’t pay for themselves and the others cover their own expenses.

Assuming that we keep doing business as usual, however, Weaver did say the whole deal about a core group going with the rest being new members.

Wait… But why do you need to pay for everyone’s lodging? Cal Games was planned so that teams in your position only need to send a few members down on Friday to set up.

The rest of your team can just drive down on their own (carpool) for the competition on Saturday.

No need to exclude people.

Again, I have no real idea how any of this is set up (not calgames, but my team more specifically, and so forth, as well as school district restrictions, and yes, they exist).

Sorry for bringing up my team politics, this isn’t really the place for it.

Due to some mishaps (aka not paying and registering in time) 8 won’t be there either. Some of us will make be there to volunteer and watch, but not bot. I guess it just means we get to keep the cool stuff we’re doing secret :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey guys team 701 will be there, i’d look out, we want gold.:smiley:

Just a question.

How many teams have made major modifications to their robots over the summer (added ramps/ arms)?

Team 100 didn’t have the weight or room available for ramps, so our robot will look the same as it always did.

675 weakened our chassis a little bit, trying to mill it for aesthetics. It’ll probably hold just fine like before, however.

We probably won’t add anything, assuming CG wants us to keep in the same weight limits. Besides, Gloria does her job just fine. =D