CalGames 2012: Info

Folks, CalGames 2012 will be held October 12-13, 2012 at Woodside High School, hosted by Team #100, The Wildhats.

For more information: write

INFO: WRRF is planning for 36 teams with a similar competition format to prior years, qualifying matches beginning Friday after school, continued all Saturday morning with finals in afternoon. We have an active judging program as well. The registration flyer is not yet available, but registration will begin earlier than in past years; hoping to get registration fees established and announcement out by late April. Registration typically fills up by mid-August. Registration will have three tiers as in the past, difficult to fill volunteer slots are registered first.

Cal Games 2012 announcement.pdf (138 KB)

Cal Games 2012 announcement.pdf (138 KB)

Just throwing this out as an idea. Any chance that the eliminations could be run like 12 alliances with 4 getting byes? (similar to NFL playoff system)
Just a new idea that I thought could be interesting. :slight_smile:

YAY! Cal Games! Always my favorite part of each new school year, and the perfect time to train the newbies.

Unlike most off-seasons, Cal Games doesn’t usually have rule-changes. I think this year it would be fun to have some rule-changes, TBD later, though ideas could be spread around now.

This is Woodside’s second time hosting Cal Games. Interesting.

I really like the time of Cal Games, in that lull between the beginning of school and the start of build season.

I’m pretty sure they’ve done this quite a few times, this isnt just their second time.

Thanks Team 100 for hosting again! 846 looks forward to this awesome event!

Really? I know 2009, and now.

I think this is how it went… (someone correct me if im wrong, pre 2006 is fuzzy :p, and i couldn’t find anything for pre 2002 )

02 game was played at pioneer (668)
03 game was played at woodside (100)
04 game was played at woodside (100)
05 didn’t happen
06 game was played at pioneer (668)
07 game was played at woodside (100)
08 game was played at mitty (1351)
09 game was played at woodside (100)
10 game was played at lynbrook (846)
11 game was at mitty (1351)
12 game will be at woodside (100)

Considering I missed the 2010 Cal Games because of SAT’s, I’ve only seen it at Mitty and Woodside and man they were all excellent competitions!

Side note: anyone got any opinions on the elimination suggestion I posted at the top? Wondering if I have any support or If maybe others think it’s not such a good idea.

I wouldn’t be opposed to it, as it gets more/each team in the eliminations.


Considering we have to play the rest of the qualifications, the eliminations, AND have the awards ceremony, AND clean the place up before 2 AM on Saturday… I would say “sounds fun” but no…

CalGames 2002 was my 1st FRC competition. Man have things changed since then. Some of the robots were built entirely of wood. It was pretty much the only off season on the west coast then, so teams came from all over the state.

And there was something else…


Like the entire field was filled, and the music was insanely loud. I wanna see that again.

That was a pretty epic competition, it was my first FRC event too. I still remember the finals were 254 and 852 versus 100 and 766. I was blown away by 254’s two speed gearbox. I don’t remember any dancing, I guess I was pretty distracted by all the cool robots.

I always enjoyed Cal games. I might make the trek up to see my old team 766.

True we would need to do all qualifications the first day and the second day would start right off with alliance selection and eliminations all day. (though it would make scouting easier)

Did my first Cotton Eye Joe, earning my true Fembot membership, at Cal Games.
Definitely excited. Being a rookie, I was one of the ones cornered into driving for the first time. I saw a team scouting for my match after, looked at their sheet, “***Driver needs training.” Ruined my hopes and dreams for drive team…

Anyway, passing this on to coach. !

Steven, I’ll write it down, interesting idea!! Not sure what it would do to the schedule overall. We are tighter for CalGames than for a FRC Regional.

First planning mtg will be June 16 in the morning, probably ~10:30 AM at Woodside. I’ll be getting the announcement out later this week after I get to St. Louis and inspection calms down. :slight_smile:

FYI, Woodside has hosted more than twice

2001 (10/6) Evergreen College, Saturday matches only
2002 (9/28) Pioneer HS, Saturday matches only
2003 (9/20) Woodside HS, Saturday matches only
2004 (10/2) Woodside HS, 24 teams, Saturday matches only
2006 (10/28) Pioneer HS (24 teams), Saturday matches only
2007 (10/12) Woodside HS (30 teams), Sat. matches only
2008 (10/25) Archbishop Mitty HS (30 teams), Sat. matches only. Tiered registration implemented for “hard to fill” volunteer slots.
2009 (10/10) Woodside HS (36 teams) Sat matches only
2010 (10/23-10/24) Lynbrook HS (35 teams), Fri. evening & Sat. matches
2011 (10/21-10/22) Archbishop Mitty HS (35 teams). Fri. evening & Sat matches
2012 (10/12-10/13) Woodside HS (36 teams), Tiered registration (opening May 1). Fri. evening & Sat. matches.

NEXT Rule changes, we have changed the FRC rules multiple times, for scoring (WRRF typically awards more points to autonomous scoring, for example) or other items. Teams have the opportunity to input ideas for rules changes over the summer during the planning meetings.

WRite for more information. :slight_smile:

Martin, I made a note of your idea! Sounds like fun!

Chinmay, yep, the first two were different per the notes I have the prior BOD. Just did some history digging. Now I have to pack for St. Louis!

Fembots are a wonderful part of my memories of CalGames since 2003. :slight_smile: More so, since I’ve been on the WRRF BOD. You all are such GREAT Volunteers!!! thank you to Fembots for such great WRRF CalGames support.

Team 100 is excited to host it! Many of our younger team members are worried about the extra work they think hosting entails, but they don’t realize how great all the teams and WRRF volunteers are.

Martin, you’re not too far away over at Berkeley; you should come!

165 days until CalGames!