Calgames 2019 Mascot Match

Calgames 2019 just had a mascot match, you can watch it here:

Teams playing:
100, 199, 1351 vs 670, 2643, 4159

Have fun, and enjoy!
And please help make this a tradition, I don’t think I’ve seen a better match of any game anywhere else


Look for the match around 3:08:00 BTW, congrats on the five point win. I liked how he played defense since he had no arms. :grin:


It wasn’t me, but thanks
Also, I thought I set it to start when the match starts but apparently that didn’t work…
I’ll be posting a video of it sooner or later, when my computer decides to work.


Not sure if you can hear the entire front stands yelling for 1351 to remember to start on HAB2, but that’s why the stadium went nuts when they hopped up :slight_smile:

Tons of fun. Definitely hope it happens more.


Let’s do it at more events! Yes, I’m looking at you, Einstein Finals


One of the best matches, most fun, and certainly as much fan cheering as a finals match!!

…OMG, wait till teams start designing mascot costumes to be most efficient for game playing!!


Huge props to the mascots for rallying together to make this happen - it’s fantastic to see team spirit taken to a whole new level. You all really brought some much-needed hype to the weekend! I think this is the most fun @nfhammes and I have had doing commentary for a Deep Space match this year.

We may try to make this a recurring thing in future CalGames…we’ll see :wink:


Thank you! It was so great, I was 1351’s mascot and I never imagined a game for robots would actually be so fun for humans!

As for mascots being efficient at gameplay, 199 and 2643 have great visibility. 4159, 760, and my own team need some vision upgrades to keep up! 100 lacking arms made him our alliance’s defense “bot”, he played it like a champ!


That helmet is so hard to hear through :joy:! It’s true, the audience interaction is general was crazy!

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