Calibrating Pressure Switches

I need help. As you all should be able to tell, we need help calibrating the pressure switches. We’re currently trying out using one, that goes up to about 110 PSI, with a time delay to let the pressure build up a bit more. And yes, our robot probably needs to go on a slimfast/subway diet. :smiley:

So, we’re trying to use only one pressure switch, the 110 PSI one, but it seems to be set to 100 PSI which is too low. I’ve read that these can be calibrated, but I can’t see anything to calibrate them with. Can someone please help me? An advance thank you to anyone who can help.

theres a small stopper in the end of it… Its the very tip of the black rubbery side. you might need either pliers or a flathead screwdriver to remove it. Once off you need a hex wrench to turn the screw that adjusts it.

hope that helps

Ok, sounds easy enough. Thanks.