Calibrating the gyro

This is my team’s first year with using the gyro on the robot, and we are kinda stumped to what is going on.

We were looking at this thread:

but we are kinda confused about the two part code we need to have to calibrate the gyro.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

In LabVIEW, all you should need to do is give the sensitivity of the gyro to the gyro open. For example, for the ADXRS610 gyro, the Datasheet says that the sensitivity is 6 mv/degrees/sec. The gyro open expects the value in volts, so use the constant 0.006 v/degrees/sec.

You can use the example finder to see a simplified example of how to use the LabVIEW gyro code. The thread you referenced is for the old control system and doesn’t really apply.