California Love Week 2 Predictions

Sup brah, welcome to the first California prediction thread by California Love. You may be wondering, what happened to that dude WCBC? I’m sorry to tell you dudes that even though the west coast is the best coast, that dude totally wiped out on this gnarly wave a few weeks back and we haven’t seen him since, so we’ll be trying our hands at predictions too.

San Diego Regional

The first SoCal event of the season is the almost-Mexican San Diego Regional. You’ll want to peep teams **2102 **and 3021 during this event for sure, they took the big cheese home from Del Mar last year. **1538 **and maybe-swerve 3476 are both perennial powerhouses that will look to hook up with each other or some of the other desperate teams at this event to take home gold. **399 **will desperately try to prove that low goal bots can win regionals, even though each ball is worth a measly 0.11 points. 3250, 5818, 1836, and 5124 all made deep runs at some of their events last year, we’ll see if they can improve on those performances this year. 3128, 968, and 1572 have all shown flashes of brilliance in the past, and will definitely try to play up to the big leagues there. 5137, the Iron Boltmans, will be trying to rank high again in an effort to either ally with a powerhouse or scorch the earth a la Hub City. 5012, Gryffingear, the 2015 Einstein kinda-winners, are also a team to keep your eyes peeled for. Also there is 3255, a SoCal team who was top of the line last año. Even though there’s hella good teams at good ol’ Dan Siego, don’t expect ball tossin’ to happen much outside of autonomous. We will probably see a near-repeat of week 1, where the best gear bots and climbers will win the day.

Central Valley Regional

Next up this week is the Central Valley Regional, located in the thriving urban metropolis of Madera. 294, is comin’ up from the crazy shores of Redondo Beach to try and show up some of the local powerhouses, such as Einstein winners 1671, the swervy always-finalists 1323 (I’m helping I swear), one of last year’s regional winners 3970, and last year’s finalist with the tricycle swerve bot 5817. 1388 and 2085 are two other experienced teams that will try to return to their former glory and lay waste to the competition. Visiting for the first time in years are the California girls 1868, who will try to prove themselves as one of the most consistent scoring machines there. 973 is one of the raddest teams at this event, even though they wiped out in semifinals last year at Madera. While they have kept their robot under wraps, their teaser video shows them firing nearly at a whopping 30 balls per second. We will see if they can match this machine-gun totally-not-fast-forwarded performance on the field. Coming down from Davis is 1678, who brought home the bacon from CVR in both 2015 and 2016, and has already showed their robot to be totally tubular. The event will likely be a story of who will win with LimeBots; all of the above teams share a very good shot of accomplishing this. What will likely define the course of this event will be how many balls teams can score in auto, how many gears they can cycle in teleop, and how often they can hitch a ride on the flying hexagon.


This week will be predominantly similar to week 1 in most ways. Gear cycling and climbing will score mosta the puntos. However, we will totally see fuel become important in terms of determining ranking, especially in autonomous. Thanks for reading dudes, and see ya next week. ‘Til then I’ll be California dreamin’.

For San Diego, I think you’re missing 3255. They had a stellar robot last year, seeding 2nd at both San Diego and Las Vegas. If I remember correctly, they had the first or second highest OPR of any team not to qualify for champs (within the top 100). They’ve also won San Diego twice (2012, 2015).

I also wouldn’t count out 1266 or 2637. The Duckies won San Diego back in 2014, and are always contenders. And the Phantom Catz were close finalists last year here.

Wtf is this

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Back from your gnarly wipe out?

Thanks bruh, added.

Woah man far out! It’s good to see you man! Hmu and we’ll go surfing together soon.

3255 is an awesome hometown team who always makes either an amazing teammate or a formidable opponent. They also forgot some other local team who would have kicked out butt all over the field last year if they had the opportunity…

Oh, right.

WARLords! You guys started as a good team and have only gotten better and better. Looking forward to seeing 2485 again at SD this year.

Not sure if this is worth mentioning on this thread but I’d be curious to see Chairman’s predictions (and just teams to watch) for these events, too.

Keep an eye out for the Chairman’s Preview thread :)*

*Note, the Chairman’s Preview threads are previews, not predictions.

Yay! A California predictions account that isn’t a joke!

Thanks for stepping up to represent your region. I enjoyed reading this write up, and I found it very informative. Know I will support your endeavors in the future!

Idk I thought it was a bit of a joke. Just not the funny kind.

Thanks for the support guys! I’ll add links to the original post as teams reveal/post more info!


Kinda bummed that with the diversity of teams going to CVR, you missed out on the opportunity to say that teams are coming “from Oakland to Sactown, the Bay Area and back down”.


Why you gotta do me dirty like that? I thought we were friends…

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that awkward moment…

I’m sorry, WCBC. I find your posts funny and informative, it’s just that you haven’t done an analysis for a long time.

We’re still friends, though. I’m just giving you a hard time. :wink:

First We had Minnesota Man now we have California Love?
These are annoying accounts, even if the predictions are mildly interesting.

I’m a little confused as to what you mean. Prediction accounts such as CHS Platter, Mountain Man, INSight, etc. provide an exposure to some smaller areas that may not be viewed as greatly by the general FRC community as say, NorCal or Michigan. It gives some awesome teams from these areas a chance to be recognized for their accomplishments, not just the teams who win every event.

They could at least take on a decently professional nature rather than a meme-y one. Like how Looking Forward slips in the occasional joke but is largely information-oriented.