California Love Week 3 Predictions

Sorry I’m late on the week 3 preview dudes, sometimes you gotta help your own homies before you worry about others’. Since I’m late, I’ll just be doing a short run-down on each event real quick.

San Francisco Regional

Silicon Valley Lite will be happening this weekend at the San Francisco Regional. Teams 254 and 971 have both bypassed their usual regionals (CVR and Sacramento) to attend this event. Both teams revealed their robots Wednesday, with 254 bringing their hot dog machine and 971 bringing their overly-complicated shooter mechanism. Unless someone can rank above one of these powerhouses a la 2761 last week, these two will most likely pair up in playoffs and scorch the competition. 5940 and 5499 are both bringing gear-only bots, we’ll see whether one of them can possibly fill this place. 604 will have a good shot at taking another Chairman’s Award, and will also try to give a good robot outing as well.

Ventura Regional

Even though Ventura qualifications matches start in a few minutes, I still made it before 9:00 so I’m good. Teams 5818 and 5137 will be trying to improve on their San Diego performances to take home gold. 5818 demonstrated a two-gear auto at San Diego, watch for this to make a difference in both quals and playoffs. Teams 8, 114, and 3859 are all coming down from NorCal to compete for the first time this weekend. This event has many different layers of robot skill, so it really is anyone’s game at this point.


Fuel scoring will probably come into play in a huge way at San Francisco, determine both ranking and the event winners. Ventura will probably be more similar to San Diego, where fuel was relatively neglected compared to gears. Regardless of which event a team attends, it will be vital to climb every match to win. Thanks for reading dudes, keep your eyes peeled for next week’s results and preview threads. 'Til then I’ll be California dreamin’.

We’ve now reached the point where the anonymous prediction accounts are being straight up insulting. Good job CD.

Like Karthik said. As soon as you’re disrespecting teams (without much actual analysis anyways), there’s no reason for you to be posting prediction threads.

Thank you for your concerns. As I’m sure you can imagine, we were very busy and did not have time to do as detailed analysis as we would have liked, especially with also analyzing last week’s results. We will also watch it on the humor in the future. 254 and 971 both have awesome robots.

I’m all for keeping CD respectful, but I hardly feel like the descriptions of 254’s and 971’s robots are what we need to be worrying about… California Love showed them a lot of respect by indicating they’re likely to seed 1st and pick each other. Making jokes about the build of the robot definitely isn’t crossing a line in my mind.

1519’s robot is a bucket on wheels with a mail slot.

Karthik, what did you expect from the one guy who runs all these accounts?

Looking Forward
PCH informer
A Mountain Man

Give him some slack-- he’s just 2 accounts away from completing his opus.

This is false, I only run CHS Platter alongside Matt Wilson of 1086.

And obviously California Love.

You messed up the pattern by starting New York State of Mind and not calling it Empire State of Mind instead.

I really would hope no one would think I was issuing unwarranted, blindly flung insults at teams from behind an anonymous account that has no shred of creativity or humor. It’s pretty much the direct opposite of my style.

I’m pretty sure that when someone calls a 971 robot overly complicated they see that as a badge of honor. All their robots are overly complicated. They know it and they like it that way, I don’t know WHY, but they do.

Also, did either of you check out the 254 thread?
Hotdog machine was a reference to their reveal thread…

Yeah, you only issue unwarranted, blindly flung insults at teams from behind an account tied directly to your name that has no shred of creativity or humor.

there it is!

I think the difference is the posts in the 254 and 971 threads weren’t done anonymously or with duplicate accounts that violate site rules. But you’re right, the comments made in the the other threads didn’t make me blink at all.

I’d agree that making those comments anonymously is in poor taste. But I’d also say that the fact that 118’s 2013 robot was literally a printer didn’t make it better/worse or more/less impressive. It’s just a fact that it could output discs or scouting sheets.

I don’t mind the anonymous prediction accounts as long as they actually do a good job of providing insightful analysis of their region. I really enjoy reading Looking Forward, the MARtian, CHS Platter, Mountain Man, and the ilk because I’m able to learn about teams and regions that I normally wouldn’t get to know. Plus, I think it’s a great morale booster for less well-known teams to see people taking note of them and talking about them.
But this? Anyone looking at CD and TBA could have made these predictions. And I’d say there’s a lot more than just 10 noteworthy teams competing in California this week.

I actually look forward to these posts each week now. They are funny to read and still give good predictions. I missed the 5818 two gear auto at San Diego (because CD is not my life sometimes you miss things). So for me this thread was very helpful.

And isn’t it a little wrong to say that this is a duplicate account, maybe this is the only account they have. I recommend to students to not make CD accounts because some people in this community can be quite hurtful.

You’re saying that because the account is your little brother’s.

Actually the account belongs to someone on 1671, not sure who since I am not affiliated with the team anymore.

Are we honestly going to say that the joke about 971’s robot is in bad taste? 971s robots are famously complicated, that’s literally just a fact (2015, anyone?). If anything, that overcomplication enhances their prestige (I know that I have mad respect for both their robots and their code)

Besides, I can’t really imagine anyone on 971 being offended by a joke on CD. If they do, then they have plenty of banners to use as tissues