California Off-Season Events 2021

Texas shouldn’t be the only one with nice threads. Info is changing relatively quickly for events, so I wanted to put it all in one place.

Updates (2021-11-08T22:04:00Z): Reflect completion of Beach Blitz – one more to go!

This is a wiki, so please edit if you can fill in gaps.

Title Dates Location Thread Signup Volunteer Cost Covid-19
:x:CANCELED: Wings Over Camarillo
8/20-8/22 Camarillo (Southern) Thread Apply Apply Free
:x:CANCELED: Battleship Blast 9/3-9/6 San Pedro (Southern) Thread Apply Apply Free
:white_check_mark:COMPLETE: CalGames 10/1-10/3 San Jose Link sent to local teams Email By 8/1: $200 + 6 student vols & 1 adult vol; After 8/1: $300 Vax required for all, masks indoors, reduced capacity
:white_check_mark:COMPLETE: Battle at the Border 10/9 San Diego Thread Apply By 9/29: $20; After 9/29: $300; From waitlist: $125/robot 30 people/team; no spectators; “teams could not commit fully to full covid vaccine proof or test within three days to limit attendance”
:white_check_mark:COMPLETE: Tidal Tumble 10/15-10/17 Ventura Thread Apply Apply $200 + $100/ additional robot Vax or test required; masks required; reduced capacity
:x:CANCELED: Capital City Classic 10/23-10/24 Elk Grove (Northern) Thread Apply $300 (workshops are free & online)
:white_check_mark:COMPLETE: Chezy Champs 10/30-10/31 San Jose (Northern) Thread Apply by 8/13 Apply $300 ($600 for field-side pit) Vax required for all, masks at all times, reduced capacity
:white_check_mark:COMPLETE: Beach Blitz 11/5-11/7 Aliso Viejo (Southern) Thread Apply by 8/23 Apply $350 Vax or test required; masks required; masks required
MadTown ThrowDown 11/13-11/14 Madera (Central) Thread Apply Apply $300/robot Madera County guidance + more restrictions TBD

This email went out to the WRRF distribution list about Calgames:

Unfortunately, with the recent strongly rising number of COVID-19 cases in the Bay Area, Pittsburg Unified School District decided they are not able to host us at this time. We know they wanted to host, but the times we are living in are challenging in many ways, as you all know.

What are the options?

  1. No event for 2021 at all
  2. Find another host for the same dates: this would need to be done within next two weeks, before 9/10. IF this becomes feasible, the shift would need to be reviewed by teams, team volunteer assignments would need to be reviewed, and decisions made by registered teams after it was announced. TEAMS: if you are interested in hosting, please write as soon as possible.
  3. Hold another virtual event: we are exploring this. The game awards would possibly involve the same game we used for the CalGames 2020 virtual event. Maybe robot videos are possible if teams are in schools and their labs? Other ideas?

Ceal will be sending out a separate email to all registered teams about refund process (depending on what option happens) for those already paid. Also, the email to registered teams will describe how and when to decide if option 2 or 3 is in the cards.


Lots of updates since the last time this thread was bumped – be sure to check them out and please continue to update the wiki if you have any missing information. Situation is dynamic to say the least.

Where was this information about the new CalGames venue?

Info was sent to local teams. Hoping someone who has that email would like to share it!

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Penciled to move to Lynbrook High School. Organizing committee is still putting pieces together, the wheels could still come off the bus…

All the recent Calgames emails sent to the WRRF email list:


We are happy to say that we have found a new host for CalGames!
CalGames 2021 will now be returning to Lynbrook High School in San Jose on October 1-3 (the original dates). Thanks Lynbrook!

We just confirmed this move not long ago so we don’t have much more info to share at this time, but - especially if you’re registered/are registering to compete, or signed up to volunteer - please keep an eye out for more details soon!

[skipped some now out of date info about payment deadline]


With the new relatively recently decided location (Lynbrook HS) for CalGames and the need for teams to check again with their schools, the 9/15 is proving problematic for many. So, you have until 9/22. Ok?
This was sent to registered teams on 8/5/21:
TEAMS: our online payment system is ready. Untested by teams, but tested by two individuals. SO, we know Zelle works; no fees we think. PayPal depending on how you do may or may not have fees you will need to cover.
CalGames event payment is due by 9/22 (EDITED) as noted in the registration announcement and prior messages to you.

  • We have set up electronic payment now through either Zelle (send to or PayPal (same email address); the fees (typically 1-3%) for these online payments if assessed are additional to the registration payment.
  • Checks are still welcome; mail to the address on the invoice sent you 7/23
  • Be sure to put your team number in the memo line of the check or payment made digitally.


We apologize for the delay on this, but we can finally share the COVID protocols that will be in effect at CalGames 2021:
CalGames 21 COVID Protocol Announcement - Google Docs

Summary from above doc:

Vaccinations are required for all attendees (team and volunteers)
Masks are required indoors
Reduced capacity for attendees (see below)

(yay to bay area events for being 2/2 on requiring vaccines!)


Please note that we will be using the 2020 field configuration for Infinite Recharge rather than the revised configuration from 2021, because we expect the 2020 version is what many teams competed (or almost competed) on, and because it is what our FIRST Technical Advisor, who set up a number of in-season events before the cancellations last year, is most familiar with.


Has SMUHSDown been officially cancelled?

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No. The event is not on the list per the organizers’ request while they work to finalize details. If and when there’s an update, I’ll add it back in.


Lots more updates!


The following email was sent to the CalGames mailing list, posting here to help spread the word:

Dear teams, volunteers, spectators who attended CalGames 2021:

A vaccinated team member who attended on Saturday (10/2) until about 1:30PM from a San Mateo county school team did test positive for COVID-19 after the event. We are unable to provide further details.

The following guidance is pulled (excerpted) from the Santa Clara county public health department web site. This applies to volunteers, spectators, and CalGames participants

Santa Clara County Public Health Department

General Advisory & Symptom Monitoring for All Other Employees [in this case participants, volunteers, spectators]

All others present at the workplace, but NOT identified as close contacts, should be advised to self-monitor for symptoms for 14 days after the last day that the person diagnosed with COVID-19 was at work. This includes individuals who have been vaccinated. They may continue to work, but if they develop symptoms, they are strongly recommended to stay home (or if at work, must be sent home immediately) until 24 hours after resolution of fever (without antipyretics) and improvement in other symptoms AND until testing is negative or determination that testing is not needed.


Fully vaccinated individuals are not required to quarantine after being exposed to a case if they meet ALL the following criteria:

  • Are fully vaccinated;
  • Have not had any COVID-19 symptoms since the COVID-19 exposure;
  • Are not an inpatient or resident in a healthcare setting or facility.

Fully vaccinated individuals should get tested immediately and on day 5 after exposure (if identified as a close contact to a confirmed case of COVID-19), monitor themselves for symptoms for 14 days after exposure and follow instructions as below if symptoms develop.

Who is a close contact?

A close contact is someone who was within 6 feet of the infected person for at least 15 minutes at any time beginning 48 hours before the infected person had symptoms or tested positive.

Close contacts include people who had 15 minutes of continuous contact with the infected person, as well as people who had repeated short-duration interactions with the infected person that add up to at least 15 minutes during a 24-hour day. For example, if in the 48 hours before the infected person had symptoms or tested positive, someone had three 5-minute interactions with the infected person within a 24-hour period, that person would be considered a close contact.

In addition, while most face coverings reduce the likelihood of COVID-19 transmission, they do not impact the determination of whether someone is a close contact and should quarantine.​

For All Fully Vaccinated Close Contacts (symptomatic and asymptomatic)


  1. All close contacts should be tested immediately if they develop symptoms.

  2. A non-household close contact should test immediately AND on or after day 5 after last exposure to case.

  3. A household close contact (regardless of vaccination status) with ongoing exposure should be tested three times:

o Immediately AND

o 5 days after first exposure to case AND

o 5 days after case completes their isolation period

SYMPTOMATIC Fully Vaccinated Close Contacts

Quarantine Period:

o Without testing, quarantine can end after Day 10 from the date of last exposure AND at least 24 hours after fever resolution AND improvement in other symptoms, whichever is longer;

o With testing, quarantine can end immediately if a diagnostic specimen collected while symptomatic is negative AND 24 hours or more after fever resolution AND improvement in other symptoms.

Prior guidance to team mentors and volunteers:

As you and your team are remembering the great event, we hope all are healthy and well. We all worked to validate that all participants – team members or volunteers – were vaccinated and healthy and appreciate your patience and diligence in that effort.

Nonetheless, as we know, even when vaccinated, getting COVID-19 and testing positive for COVID-19 is possible. We encourage anyone who tests positive in the coming (or recent) days share that status ANONYMOUSLY via this state website:

As a team mentor contact, we hope you will reach out to your team members (students, mentor, parents) who attended and check that they are healthy and doing ok!

Any person can send input about a positive COVID test anonymously via that web site. The person could enter as the address to notify.

Submitted by: for the WRRF BOD

Cecilia (Ceal) D. Craig, PhD, F. SWE

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