California team wins!!!

Congratulations to TEAM330 you guys were fantastic !
Your alliance partners were awesome too, team 67 is such a “hot” machine and that cap that the “frogs” pulled 3 seconds before the end on semis was an awesome move.
Very well deserved and we are thrilled that a California team won!

Congratulations also to 254, you guys did a great job, 766 well done and 64 great job too.
It’s great to see 3 California and 1 Arizona team on Einstein.
Maybe it’ll be our turn next year.
Congratulations to all the other teams who made it to Einstein ,245,217, you guys rocked !!!

Every team on Einstein was awesome !!!

[quote=Joe Domingo]Congratulations to TEAM330 you guys were fantastic !
Your alliance partners were awesome too, team 67 is such a “hot” machine and that cap that the “frogs” pulled 3 seconds before the end on semis was an awesome move.
Very well deserved and we are thrilled that a California team won!


Thanks so much. We’re still looking forward to an opportunity to play WITH 980! Maybe next year’s LA Regional???

Penny Ross[/quote]

Can we get in on that deal? :slight_smile:

Hey, Thunderbots and Circuit Breakers are among the best California has to offer! All you other California teams, let’s show the FIRST world next year that the West Coast continues strong!!! (Congrats to all the other California teams that performed well – especially Cheesy Poofs!)

Penny Ross
Beach Bot mom, mentor’s wife, and school Vice Principal (proud to be wearing all 3 hats today!!!)

hey good job guys “& Girls” :smiley: from team 330, we had a good match with you at LA this year but hey how about next year we make it a all California winning team alliance "Hay maybe 968 will get a piece of the action next year :wink: :rolleyes: :cool: :smiley: "

Or maybe there will be 4 team alliances and we all can team up. :slight_smile:

But anyhow, for 330 I really like how effective the simple design was. I know you had much bigger plans for the drivetrain but that’s great you were still able to pull off the win even without it.

Definitly a great group of teams on Einstien this year. Every match was high scoring yet very close. Glad to see the west coast represent this year on the championship level.

One interesting fact: 5 of the 12 teams on Einstien attended the Sacromento regional. Aside from the local teams 254, 330 and 766, both 56 and 245 came out from the east to attend the regional. Definently some hard competition, you guys all deserved to be in the finals. Great job!

It was nice to see that east and west coasts hook up in our alliance. All around we had 3 very professional teams… I was proud to be a part of it :smiley:

You know, most of the West Coast isn’t in California…

Unless you’re talking about just the coast-LINE, in which case, most of the west coast IS in California. :stuck_out_tongue: (California’s coastline is 840 miles; as compared to Oregon’s 296, and Washington’s 157. Source: World Almanac for Kids)

But thanks for the reminder. :slight_smile: We Californians can be a little chauvinistic at times.

You know, most of the West Coast isn’t in California…

If your talking about the number of teams in the West Coast…

California - 99 teams

Oregon, Washington, Alaska and Hawaii

  • 37 teams

Beach Bot team 330 rocked this year we loved being partnered with them when we traveled to the west coast for the sacramento regional. it was kinda nice to see them win in a way sure i woulda liked it better if we got the win but losing to them didnt make it seem all that bad congradulations beach bot you deserved that win you had an awsome alliance and an awsome bot.

Couldn’t agree more. 330 and 503, you guys were AWESOME. Thank you so much for picking us, 330.

Congratulations Beach Bots!

Losing to you guys in L.A was well worth it now that you won the Champs. Those were some awesome matches. Good job on bringing home a well-deserved West Coast win.

Heh. Alaska has more miles of coastline than California, Oregon and Washington put together. If you include all the west coast, British Columbia has more than California.

I understand your chauvanism (I’m a native Californian and lived there for 40 years), but you need to expand your imagination a little… :]

This is one of those topics that turned out to be more complex that it appears, by the way. That 157 mile figure for Washington badly fails the reasonableness test. The Straits of Juan de Fuca alone are about 80 miles long. I started digging into this and found this table from the Information Please online almanac. It repeats your figures for “general coastline,” but also includes more realistic figures for “tidal shoreline” which includes islands, inlets, bays, harbors and estuaries. Using the “tidal shoreline” figure, California has 3,427 miles of shoreline, Washington has 3,026, and Oregon has 1,410. If you just look at a map, this seems closer to reality. For comparison, Alaska has 31,383 miles of tidal shoreline. I would be interested in finding out why the first number was reported first, as it seems, to me, to be less reasonable than the second one.

Since this is about science, all you students out there need to realize that shoreline measurements will always be approximations. Because shorelines are practically the definition of a fractal measurement problem, you are bound to get a larger figure the smaller the scale you choose to measure. At some point you would have to be measuring around rocks and sand grains, and would have to have some standardized measurement point for tide levels. Definitions of when an estuary becomes a river are also somewhat arbitrary, but would have to be taken into account. Have fun, and let us know when you’ve finished counting the grains of sand!

I don’t know if this has been mentioned, but four of the teams that made it to Einstein competed at the Sacramento regional.

These include 56(NJ) and 766 (winner)
254 Finalist and
330 Semi finalists.

Wow. Aaaaamazing.

West Coast ------ Oh Baby!

245 from Michigan made it to the Einstein Field while also winning Sacramento, as well.


67 was awesome too. u and 503 made several last second saves while we only made one… that was the most awesome thing ever. all those last second game savers

Thanks for picking us 330. It was awesome being with you guys.

Indeed 503 and 67 really saved us several times. You guys rocked. 67 made an outstanding cap on the Newton field with 8 or 9 seconds to go. They were in the human loader and backed out with 8 seconds left. Then they went to the autoloader side of the field and capped our home row within a few seconds. Not to mention they had to turn around. And 503 as well had a couple saving caps towards the end of the matches. It was fun playing with 503 and 67.

And thanks everyone for the congrats. :slight_smile: