okay i am a part of team 1515 from beverly hills and i want know what teams come from what cities around california, cuz im a newbie.Soo, just reply with your city and team #. actually even if ur not from CA, u can reply. especially if ur team 1514 or 1516. i wanna know where you guys are. and high tech highschool ,san diego. what’s you guys’ number? :eek:

and what’s your rookie year and your team’s rookie year :]

Team 696 the Circuit Breakers
Clark Magnet High School
Glendale, CA

Team’s rookie year: 2001

The LA Regional team list is on the FIRST website. Click on the big map on the right of the Robotics page. Click on the state, Click on the Southern California Regional link and you can see all the teams.

Team 330, Beachbots, is from Hermosa Beach (officially). Rookie year…let’s see…either 1998 or 1997 (1997 was the first team at our school; 1998 was the first independent team at our school).

Team 399 Eagle Robotics
Lancaster High School
Lancaster, CA

Semicolon, chief programmer and competition team lead reporting for duty. Shall we nuke Annapolis?

School: High Tech High - San Diego
Team Number (Team Name): 1538 (The Holy Cows)
Rookie Year: 2005
Location: San Diego, CA

Team 1138 Eagle Engineering
Chaminade High School
West Hills, CA

Team’s rookie year: 2003

Team 254 “The Cheesy Poofs”
Bellarmine College Prep
San Jose, CA
Rookie year:1999

Team 100
Woodside/Carlmont High Schools
Woodside, CA
Rookie year: 1995

My rookie year: 2001.

Team: 968 “RAWC”

West Covina High
West Covina, Ca
Rookie Year: 2002

Team : 1065 Tatsu
Location: Kissimee Florida

My Rookie Year : This year
Team’s Rookie: 2003

well I’m not from California, I’m from Idaho Falls, Idaho and my team number is 1566 and my team name is The AmmoKnight from Hillcrest High School, hey are any of you going to Portland or Denver?

585 Warrior Robotics
Tehachapi High School
Tehachapi, CA

Rookie Year: 2001
My Rookie Year: 2005

yeah, I dont work on the bot much. I sit at a computer doing random busy work, and I take a break now and then to check progress on the robot and take pictures for the website.

115 Monta Vista Robotics Team (MVRT)
Cupertino, CA
Rookies: 1997

1072 Harker Robotics Team (HRT)
San Jose, CA
Rookies: 2003

114 Eagle Strike
Los Altos, CA
rookie year: 1997

812 Midnight Mechanics
San Diego, CA

294 Beach Cities Robotics
Redondo/Manhattan Beach, CA

973 Greyhound Revolutionary Robotics
Atascadero, CA
Rookie Year: 2002… I think

Granada Hills, CA
Rookie : Co in 2000, 599 in 2001