Call for help from NYC teams

Team 3504 (Girls of Steel) will be visiting New York City next week (June 16) for a taping with the ABC News Now program Tech This Out. We are in the process of working out the logistics with ABC, who was a bit surprised to learn how big and complicated a FIRST Robotics Competition robot can be. Can you receive our robot? Can you loan game pieces, especially the minibot pole? Can you suggest a good location for the shoot? Do you have a practice field set up where we could do the shoot? (and maybe work your robot in?)

Our backup plan is to leave the robot at home and just do interviews in NY and weave in footage we already have. But it would be vastly preferable to bring it along.

If you can help, please either respond here or contact me directly via email or private message.


Hopefully some NYC teams will see this!

You might want to hook up with another great all-girl team from NYC, the Fe Maidens,Team 2265 (Iron Maidens). Here is the link to their contact page: School is still in session, so you should be able to go through the school contacts.

Has your Regional Director talked to the 2 Regional Directors in NYC?

There is also a Senior Mentor in NYC who may be able to connect you with local teams and will know who has a field, etc.

Hey! I’m actually from a NYC team. As for a practice field, I can say that no NYC team has a practice field(unless one of the teams is hiding all of this from us xD)…there are 42 of us, but we all have no space. Most of the NYC teams work outside of a classroom and not a shop. There is a contact list for all teams in NYC and I’ll send out an email to make sure everyone checks out this thread for help in anyway. I wish 334 could help you, but NYC high schools are closed after this week for state tests and getting in for other than testing might be hard :confused:

Good luck on your filming! :slight_smile:
Your team is really great, and if you need any help about NYC or anything else, PM me.

Hello! I’m from FRC Team 1676, the Pascack Pi-oneers, who are located in Montvale, NJ, at Pascack Hills High School, just 45 minutes north of NYC. We would be happy to help, but would like to know a few more details. What time on Thursday would you be around? We have a quarter-sized practice field that we built and set up in our school’s cafeteria, would that work for your needs? We have the minibot pole and base, but only have one unpopped tube, which is an ubertube. The rest all have holes in them, and can only hold air for an average of about 10 minutes (we order 3 sets of new tubes earlier a few days ago, but I doubt they will be in by next week).

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. To contact me more promptly, please email me at [email protected].

Ryan Hall
Hills 2011-2012 CEO
FRC Team 1676: The Pascack Pi-oneers

I put out a call for help on the NYCFIRST website page

Hey guys! I’m from team 375, out of Staten Island, New York… We’d love to try and help you guys out as much as we can! I hope your team received the email our mentor sent.

P.S. You guys are great, and we know that the appearance will go well! Good luck :slight_smile:

I got several offers for help via this forum and other avenues of communication. The NYC FIRST community is certainly generous and thoughful, thank you very much for your many offers of help!

Unfortunately, we were not quite able to pull all of the logistics together, so we will not be visiting without the robot. I’ll let you know when we expect the segment to air.

Thanks again!


An update: we had a great time taping and sightseeing in NYC yesterday. It was a beautiful day in a beautiful city. Our segment should air mid-July, will post details when we learn them. Some photos from the day are here:

Thanks again for all of your generous offers of help!


Another update: our segment on Tech This Out aired on the ABC News Now channel, 12:30pm on Friday July 29. You can see it here: