Call for Historical Scouting Data

Hi, my name is Jonathon Greene- a fourth year mechanical engineering student and a second year FIRST mentor for team 4050 this year.

I am working with team 4050 to develop a scouting system this year. We are utilizing Xbox’s trueskill rating system, only we are modifying it slightly to consider match data other than win/loss information.

We would like to test out our algorithm on some past competition data, but unfortunately we cannot find any data sets with information such as teleop shots taken, teleop shots scored, autonomous shots taken, autonomous shots scored, shots blocked, etc etc.

Does anyone have historical scouting information they would be willing to share?


Buckeye Regional 2009

Also see two 2010 competitions below.

No guarantees that everything is exact, all was recorded by sight by people in the stands. PM me if you would like more details. I trust the Buckeye 2009 data the most.

Buckeye 2010 Qualifications.xls (397 KB)
Boilermaker 2010 Qualifications.xls (1.26 MB)

Buckeye 2010 Qualifications.xls (397 KB)
Boilermaker 2010 Qualifications.xls (1.26 MB)

Hello Jonathan,

FRC Team 1073 has the data from multiple events from the 2013 season. I will follow up with a PM on how you can access our data as a CSV file.

KenSt (aka RoboScout)

Thank you all for your help, I greatly appreciate the camaraderie!

If we can return the favor in any way, please don’t hesitate to ask.