Calling all Central Valley (CA) teams

A VRC Elevation competition is being planned for in Turlock, CA, targeting Sierra foothill & Central Valley teams from Sacramento to Fresno. The purpose is to provide a convenient and accessible place for Valley teams to compete. Probable date is Dec. 6. Please PM or e-mail me if you are interested.

This event is now official: Dec. 6 at Turlock (CA) High School. All teams from anywhere are welcome to apply. More details are available on the official events website at:

this is for VEX? not FRC?

Correct – it’s a VRC (Vex Robotics Competition) Elevation competition. Since it ends before FRC season, you still have time to beg/borrow/buy yourself a Vex kit and join the fun. Rumor has it that the tournament fee will be VERY cheap (as in less expensive than the team registration of $75/$25).

The latest word is that this event is FREE!! Y’all come!

I’ve received some communication indicating that my post was misunderstood and that not everyone is familiar with VRC. VRC is the Vex Robotics Competition, a competition separate from FIRST, with separate events, and separate registration fees from FIRST. Registration is $75 for the first team, $25 for each additional team from the same school or location. You get a great competition experience for a very modest amount of money. Once you pay the registration, you can participate in a number of VRC events, some of which are free, some of which charge tournament fees (which are usually quite reasonable).

The event that I’m billing is a VRC event with a free tournament fee, but you still have to be a VRC registered team (i.e., pay the $75/$25 registration fee).