Calling all Experts

Greeting to the CD World,

I come before you today with a bit of a misson.

If you haven’t already checked it out yet, I started a podcast called FirstTunes, an un-offical podcast about the robotics competition we all know and love.

Tommrow I was originally planning on getting a Round-Table together after Kick-Off with a bunch of my team members to anaylse and discuss the game over skype. This was going to be recorded and released as an episode.

I origanly had a good group of guys from 1071 of different backgrounds all lined up ready to go. Unfourtanetly, we lost quite a few for various reasons.

So with only a few left, I’ve come to the world best collection of bright FIRSTers to try to get some replacements.

I’m looking for anyone involved in FIRST, with any kind of background(Student, Mentor, College Mentor, of both STEM and Non-Engineering areas), to come on to the show on Saturday after Kick-Off

I’m planning to do it around 2:00 pm EST, and it will all be over Skype.

If you are interested, or want more details, PM me or e-mail me at for information and specifics. To participate all you need is a computer with Skype, and a microphone.



Great idea! Unfortunately, we will still be conducting our team meeting at our local high school and won’t have access to skype; otherwise I would love to participate.

Please let us know about future calls and I will be glad to participate.

Look forward to viewing the podcast.

I would love to help out but 2 pm is literally the (tentative) beginning time of Shaker’s first meeting.

Good luck with the podcast - they’re a lot of work but definitely really rewarding. Being involved with a few myself they certainly are a lot of fun to record.

PM sent. Great idea!

Kickoff in Farmington may be under a significant layer of white stuff tomorrow. We expect to have a “ideation” meeting after the announcement, so skype will probably out of the question. However, if the team decides not to try to get to Farmington, I may be available at 2. Then there is the matter of the UConn vs Notre Dame basketball game too. :wink:


If you think you can make it, please feel free to come bye, even if its just for a few minutes. The more the merrier!

For those who can’t make it or are not to crazy about sitting in.

You can always call up our Voice mail line, leave a quick message, and I’ll go ahead an play it on the show

Voice mail: (925) 388-6371

Just finished recording. With a bit of editing, this will be a great episode.

Thanks to
Joe. G.
Iona Brockie
Thomas Lourenco
Kyle Twarog

for all coming on. We had a blast!

I’ll notify everyone when it gets released.

If any of you want to still come on, send me a pm or an e-mail. I am planning on doing a show every week for Build, and want to try to get different people through.

Hey just wanted to touch this thread again.

I just wanted to let anyone know I still am looking for “experts” to come on the show. It doesn’t matter what about FIRST you are into (Mech, Design, Programming, PR, Non-Engineering, Graphics) etc. it would be great to have you come on and share your knowledge.

If you want to come on, pm me or e-mail me. It would be about a half-hour long, and we’d only be recording that particular segment.