Calling All Mentors; Its your turn!

Hi All,

Its that time again for the Milwaukee Mentor Vex Challenge (MMVC).

For those who don’t know, the MMVC is a game that students created for the mentors to play, and is in its third-year running.

The 2009 Milwaukee Mentor Vex Challenge is now available for download at This year’s challenge is called Frisbee Flip Fest and should be a very exciting game. Please read the manual and keep your eyes open soon for an announcement about tournament details. The event will be held in conjunction with the kickoff for the 2009 Midwest Vex Programs season on Saturday, September 19th. Don’t forget to register! Please feel free to tell other mentors on your teams and new mentors and new teams about this event. It is a great way to quickly learn what the FIRST build season is like and how to prepare for mentoring your teams. It is also a lot of fun for all of you big kids!

The game and registration can both be found here.

Hope to see you on the 19th,

MMVC is a lot of fun and I recommend that anyone within a days travel consider competing.

Due to me being on the GDC for MMVC, I am not letting this slip through the cracks of the forums.

It might be better if you change the name of the thread to include the name of the competition. :slight_smile:

Thanks. :slight_smile:

A moderator is needed to do this.

Anyhow, yes, if you’re a mentor you should come play in the MMVC. Because it’s fun. It’s like mentor matches at IRI but without the IRI and the built robot part.

Can’t say I like the final name though. :confused:

Any questions about the game I’m sure can be answered in this thread.

I absolutely love this game and cannot wait until September 19th. Katie, perhaps you could post a picture of the game field to generate some additional buzz…

Great job all involved…now we gotta step up and deliver a comparable MVP game!:ahh:

What would you guys thought of Flop Frenzy: Lowering the Bar? :smiley:

Anyway, a quick overview.

The game is played on a standard size MVP field (10 x 14, roughly proportional to an FRC field). On the field are 16 “flops” (two standard frisbees screwed together), 8 corresponding to an alliance. Three start in the alliance’s Scoring Zone and 5 are on the opposite end of the field. You get points for “flipping” the flops from the black side up to the red or blue side up (2 points). If the flipped flop is in the Scoring Zone, it is worth 5 points. Having the rubber Bonus Ball on your side of the field is worth 10 points.

In the center of the field are two Ramps and two limbo bars (a lot like Stack Attack in a way). The Limbo Bar’s height is less than that of the Bonus Ball (probably 6 inches), making it a challenge to build a robot that can go under it and to possess the Bonus Ball. Larger robots can cross the field using the ramps. At the end of the game, if both ramps are touching one side of the field, that alliance gets 20 points.

Should be an interesting game. Too bad I can’t compete, I have a really nice design… I will give anyone points for building a robot that climbs over the Limbo Bar! :smiley:

Well said, Chris.

so in a year, after i graduate can i drive aaaaaall the way to wisconsin to play ?

You’re more than welcome to! It’s a 6 hour drive, roughly. Since you’re a student you could send a team to participate in the Midwest Vex Program in the fall, if you want.

You know, even if your not a mentor, give it a shot. Its just aimed at mentors, who might kick your butt.

Hey, I’m creating buzz.

Also, I’ve been told that Purdue kids like building robots and day trips. Because I’m not sure how to contact them, can someone spread the word to them for me?

A rule update is on its way, addressing ties in eliminations. A tie in eliminations will result in a rematch, not a coin flip as the manual implied. That would have been dumb.

Also changing; in qualifications the side the Bonus Ball is closest to breaks a tie before a coin flip.