Calling all mentors - STEAM lessons needed!

Help Team 375 influence the lives of children through STEAM! We will be collecting STEAM lesson plans for all age groups to share with teachers in our area. Please email your lessons to [email protected]. Be sure to describe your lesson(s) along with your name, team number, and team name for proper recognition, and make ‘STEAM LESSON’ the subject. We are gathering these lesson plans to further our initiative in launching a new program called FIRST S.T.E.P. To learn more, visit our team web page at after 11/3/2015.
Thank you for your support!

What sort of activities are you thinking about. What equipment will folks have?

Sounds like a great idea. If you give some guidelines as to what you are looking for in terms of activities? I would love to help

I’m not entirely sure what you’re looking for, but our website has lesson plans located on our Camps page that may be useful for you. We use them in our summer camps for elementary and middle school students.

Also, I think your website may be down. It isn’t loading for me.

Good luck on your program!

Are you planning to make the submissions available publicly?

There are many new teachers in the NYC school system that are being asked to teach STEM. Many of these teachers are cluster science teachers that are asked to find new and innovative ways to teach the initiatives set forth by the state, including projects, cross-curriculum lessons, lessons other than science that teaches to STEAM principles, etc. Many teams have after school and summer academics that educate young minds in these areas. However, some of the teachers being recruited to instruct STEAM courses are not familiar with the material they need to teach. They could really use our help, which is why we started FIRST STEP. So once again, please forward us any lessons, projects, work sheets, etc. that you might feel are helpful at any level, so we can review and post them for all to use. You may also send any links to web sites that you find helpful. Since this is a new project, we are also open to any ideas or suggestions that might better our site, which we will be launching on November 3rd.

Thanking you for your Gracious Professionalism, Team 375.