Calling All NH Teams!

Hi Everyone!
1073, 1058 and 1519 have planned a party for all FIRSTers in NH, or those who want to come. Here is the information:

The date is set to: July 10th 2010 11:00am-3:30pm (People can come and go whenever)

It’s at the Hollis-Brookline High School (24 Cavalier Court Hollis, NH)
To pay for food, we’re charging about $4/person attending (PLEASE specify if you are vegetarian or have any dietary restrictions)

People can bring their own games, and we’ll have some on top of music and dancing.

If there are any updates, I’ll be commenting/editing this one. If you/your team is coming, please reply to this with your team number and the number of people coming. If there are any questions/comments, comment/email me at:
[email protected]

Thanks guys!
Meera Nair
Team 1519

Can you say Ultimate Frisbee tournaments?! :slight_smile:

ultimate frisbee tournaments :wink: there i said it.
jk. yessss we totally should. im only playing if someone throws it to me. i just run around and get all asthmatic for no reason

but yes. ultimate is very much included :slight_smile:

I know team 3132 isn’t exactly an NH team, but can we come?

I’ll see if any students on 95 would want to go.

Soccer should happen :smiley:

Hey! Yeah! If you guys really want to come all the way to New Hampshire, we’d be more than happy to have you! :slight_smile:

Hey everyone :slight_smile: if you’re thinking of attending, read this! One person from each team should consult with the rest of their team and by July 3rd (one week before the event) e-mail Gen from 1073 at [email protected] with how many people from your team will be there. Keep in mind that mentors are of course invited too, we actually want them there to be able to assure our school’s administration that there will be plenty of adults there! This will allow me to know how much of drinks and food materials to purchase beforehand without buying too much or too little! Include in your e-mail if you have anyone willing to bring a grill, or anything else for that mater, and anything else you think we should know (including diet restrictions). Payment may be done at the event by either cash or check made out to “HBHS”. Of course, if you happen to be in the area and didn’t send this info ahead of time, still just come on down! We’d love to have you. Thank you in advance!

By the way…


(and bring vegemite if you can come!)

OI, OI , OI!!!

(I couldn’t resist…)

I was hoping someone would respond with that. :slight_smile:

It is a requirement to be on the team… :wink:

Hi everyone. Now you can pay online with a bank account or credit card thanks to WePay (the best!) at :). You still need to send over an e-mail to me at [email protected] with how many from your team will be coming. Thank you!

I love the name for this event! Hollis Havoc! Hope to see a lot of people/teams there! :slight_smile: 30 more days!

Ohhh Brendan :stuck_out_tongue:

2 things: LOVE your thing about 1915 :P, and thanks for naming it :slight_smile:

Hey everyone! This event is now completely FREE! Anyone interested in this event please contact me at my e-mail in an above post or on CD.


i wish i could make it up there with my team =P sounds like fun

Alright, everyone, we hear that there’s supposed to be thunderstorms and rain on July 10th, so it will NOT be this Saturday. We have not come up with a rain date yet, but we will update you!

Nicole, you totally should come!

if i could drive up there i totally would! but unfortunatly… i dont have my license yet… :frowning:

Oh No! Is this official, or are you going to watch as the day gets nearer? I have been looking forward to the 10th for a while to have a chance to meet some of the people of FIRST. Also, being on the 10th would get me out of a lot of work that others wanted me to help with.

I suppose you’ve got to think about safety. I look forward to hearing the new date.