Calling all NH Teams!

Hey CD,
Team 1058 is looking for contacts of all of the New Hampshire FRC Teams for a project we are working on.
Teams I have contacts for: 131, 151, 319, 811, 1073, 1517, 1519, 1922, 2342, 3323, 3467, 3499, 4034.
Teams I do not have a contact for: 95, 138, 166, 213, 238, 501, 509, 1247, 1307, 1512, 1721, 1729, 1786, 1831, 3585, 4546, 4925, 4958, 5782.
If you are on the second list, we would love if you could comment a lead contact (email) below or pm it to me.

Just so anyone reading this knows…
If you were on the list of teams I have contacts for, you should’ve received an email recently. If you did not, let me know. If I still don’t have your team contact and you send it to me, I can forward the email to you.

Just saw this… way late…

Never too late! This project turned into a big success with a Facebook group where New Hampshire teams have been helping each other out all season. Feel free to PM me for more info.